Friday, June 5, 2020

Why is the Catholic Church Pushing Anti-Racism? (Updated 6/6/2020)

So, let's be up front about this.  

The killing of Mr. Floyd was a horrible thing and should not have happened.  The police officers involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  


End of story.

Over the last few days, the Catholic Church has picked up the mantle of anti-Racism in a big way.  
Now, it is not that they should not speak out about it, as we are all brothers & sisters in Christ, but that this has become the overall focus over all else.  For example, you no longer hear about the pandemic.  The importance of social distancing, wearing masks, not holding Masses, has disappeared.


Why is this issue - racism - the biggest problem our country faces, among all of the others?

Over the last few weeks, I have spent a great deal of time on Twitter, which I swore I never would. But it has been a learning experience.

And one of the things that I noticed, were marketing/communication themes pushed by the Church, via their various communications channels -- social media representatives, main stream Catholic media, etc.    They all seem to push the same set of stories and push the same ideas.

Here were the some of themes that I noticed being pushed:   
  • Forming Consciences.  People were laughing at the USCCB.  It died.  
  • DACA and Illegal Aliens.  Things were not going their way on this.  Worried about the lost of $$, which means a shrinkage of the SJW agencies.   
  • The pandemic.  We need to keep everyone safe and we all obeyed the government officials.  The economy was dying but make certain that you donate.  Parish donations were drying up.  That too got lots of blow-back.
  • Environmentalism & the Fifth Anniversary of LaudatoSi. Again, it did not gain any real traction, and push-back, no matter how many stories, quotes from +Francis, etc.  
Then came the death of Mr. Floyd.  Suddenly, this is the biggest problem that has ever been seen.


Why This?

So here are my thoughts...

  1. Too Many Lost Members.  Like many organized religions, the Church has lost too many members over the last 30 years.  Some to other faiths, and many just simply are no longer interested.  They are using this to show the relevance of the Church again. 
  2. Sexual Abuse Scandal.  Due to the Sexual Abuse Scandal, the Church has not only lost members but has lost a huge amount of influence and $$$.  Just when you think it is over, something else appears.
  3. Donations Down.  Loss of members, means loss of $$$.  No $$$, means fewer parishes, schools, cut backs on SJW agencies, etc.  If the liberals win again, they will go to them and say: "See, see what we did!  Now, it is payback." 
  4. Hatred for President Trump.  They hate him, in part, because (1) he is not as refined as they are; yes, he can say the wrong things at times, but see him as a low life; (2) they were hoping to get Hillary, even though she stands against our moral codes, so they can use it to excuse their failures; (3) the economy was doing good for most, not all, but most;  if that is the case, how do you fund your anti-poverty programs; and (4) finally, he does not like illegal aliens and the money that supports them, is a cash cow for the Church.
Then the death of Mr. Floyd happens (again, a terrible crime).  

They see how the main stream media picks up on this, how their are huge protests and BINGO, they see how they can become relevant again!  

This is what they need.  The need to show relevance to the world.

Suddenly, they (our prelates) are all over the issue, like "a cheap suit."   Every Catholic media person, every social media person, every radical leftist catholyc is on this.  Almost every story and every tweet is about the Church and their efforts.  

And, just as important, they ignore the rioters, anarchists and looters.  They ignore the destruction of neighborhoods, businesses, and the loss of jobs.  Why?  For two reasons.  

  • First, because if they condemn it, they will be attacked.  So, they remain silent to keep in the graces of the leftists.  
  • Second, and even more important, they are silent because it is a way of getting back at the President. Either the looting & rioting makes him look weak, and if he takes control, then he is a dictator.  Either way, they win.  And yes, the destroyed business, lost jobs, etc., they are just collateral damage.  Like they say, things happen in war.

This is how they get back into the good graces of the media and others,  and hide the sexual abuse scandals. 

This is how they redeem themselves to the mainstream media, the swamp, etc. 

Anti-Racism is their path to taking back the moral high ground, having everyone forget about the sexual abuse scandals, and electing a liberal, who will give them lots of contracts to take care of illegal aliens, homeless, etc.  

But they will not remember, that the "mob" loves you one minute.  Then, when you of no more use to them, they will simply abandon and ignore you.   If you make some perceived mistake, they will turn on you and destroy you.

Many may call me a racist, disgusting to think this way, etc.  (I don't care what you call me, as long as you don't call me late to dinner)

But I have seen this over and over.   It will come back to haunt them.  Not today, or tomorrow.  But down the road.  

As my father would say:  "Mark My Words."

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Trump economy works for everyone except corrupt Catholic bishops

From the Washington Examiner:

For as long as anyone can remember, St. Peter’s has done more than its share in the annual Archdiocese of Washington “Lenten Appeal” (which used to be known as the “Cardinal’s Lenten Appeal” until recent events necessitated a change). The Lenten appeal is the main fundraising drive of every Catholic diocese and is one of the principal ways any diocese is funded each and every year. Each parish is given a financial target, and pastors become carnival barkers for the bishop in the weeks leading up to the Season of Lent (a task they universally hate).

According to the St. Peter’s website, the annual fundraiser for the archdiocese met 113% of its parish giving target as recently as 2017. By 2018, the front end of the “summer of shame” when the Cardinal Theodore McCarrick revelations came fully to light, St. Peter’s only raised 91% of its parish target for the campaign. And in 2019, only 59% of the fundraising goal was achieved. 

To read more, go to the Washington Examiner.  

Sunday, February 16, 2020

McCarrick's Former Secretary Speaks

Now, I do not know the exact reason for this, at this time.  

The most likely reason, is that it is to help increase the amount of $$$ donated to the Annual Appeal, as the appeal was down by 30% from the target in 2019.

One possible reason is that with the McCarrick report to be "issued soon," it is a way to get ahead of the media both on a diocese and personal level.

It could be to relieve a guilty conscience.

It could be all and more.

However, the former secretary of Mr. McCarrick has spoken about how he (McCarrick) "used" people.  

Interesting read.

From Msgr. Smith's Blog.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Catholic Standard Update (Feb. 6, 2020 Edition)

Well Folks, let the trumpets blare and the children scream in delight, as I bring you another Catholic Standard update.  I do it, so that I will suffer for you, so that you don't have to, unless you want to. 

  • Still no mention of the Msgr. Rossi investigation
  • Still no mention of the stabbing at the National Shrine
  • Still no mention of how much was raised in the 2019 Annual Appeal
  • Do you get the impression that there is a lot not being said these days?  
  • Nice articles on Coach Wootten's legacy
  • Follow-up articles on Catholic Schools Week.  +Gregory was everywhere visiting children, getting photo ops, etc.  That must be why he hasn't mentioned the Msgr. Rossi investigation.  He is sooooo busy.  
  • Recognizing religious priests, brothers and sisters, who celebrated 25 or more years.  Congratulations.
  • Articles on the deaths of two prominent Catholics: Mary Higgins Clark & Kobe Bryant.  Did you know that they were Catholic?
  • Two articles on President Trump speaking at the Pro-Life March.  What I find interesting about this article, was the fact that there were a number of quotes by priests, who attacked/question his being pro-life. I don't remember this when were were talking about "health care for all."  For example, you have protests by a couple of Franciscans, who are also protesting about climate change, immigration, etc.  My question, and I don't know the answer, were these Franciscans protesting in previous years, and if yes, why are you taking away from the messaging of the day?    If they weren't protesting the same way in previous years, why?     In addition, there was some priest from Annapolis ranting about how Trump was not pro-life.  Wonders if he said the same about Obama.  

Monday, February 10, 2020

Annual Appeal Has Begun - Don't Give

Well folks, the Annual Appeal has begun.

The Catholic Standard (Arch. of Washington Official Newspaper) in their last edition, did a HUUUGE spread on what the appeal spends their money on.  

This is a HUUUGE change from when I first started to write about this in 2008 or so.  Back then, it was a one page flier and no questions were asked.

I remember asking questions, sending emails, and not getting much of a response, until I started to blog about it.  Then, we began to see more marketing on it.  However, the marketing is basically the same, year after year.

This year (2020) the Archdiocese did not publish -- anywhere -- how successful they were in 2019.  Why?  Because they only reached about 70-75%% of their goal -- that is my estimation.   

Considering how +Gregory talks about being open and honest, we still know nothing about the Msgr. Rossi investigation and the Archdiocese did not talk about (in any manner) the injuring of guards at the National Shrine.  

In addition, although +Gregory loves to talk about Catholic Schools, he was willing to let one close and left it up to the pastor and parents of St. Bartholomew to figure it out.  For shame.

And remember, +Gregory is a supporter of James Martin and loves +Bernadin.

As usual...


Figure out a way to give directly to your parish -- and mark your donation as such:

  • Pay for the sacramental wine for one or more months
  • Pay for the hosts for one or more months
  • Sponsor an edition of the Parish Bulletin
  • Pay for the tabernacle candle
  • Pay for a piece of equipment that may be neeed
  • Pay for some new signage
  • Purchase a couple of cases of copier/printer paper.  That is something that parishes always run through.

The key is to ensure that your $$ stays in the parish and does not go directly to the Archdiocese.   Make certain to indicate that the donation is for that item specifically.