Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Letter re Msgr. Rossi Investigation

How can Archbishop Gregory answer for a legal action that was recently taken against BNSIC during the Monsignor Rossi investigation and how he didn't make that public.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Guest Blogger on the situation at the National Shrine...

I normally do not let others write pieces for my blog.  I think, but I would have to check, I did it only once in the 13 years I have been posting.  

Given the fact that +Gregory and +Bambera whitewashed the entire Msgr. Rossi investigation, I thought that I should give someone, who had an inside view, a chance to let us know, about some of the "characters," who are part of the inside circle.


Alexandra Thurman, is called a "Daughter of the Shrine."  She is an consummate insider and always seems to be where the action is.  

She has volunteered for over five (5) years and has seen many of the misdeeds of Msgr. Rossi.

So we have to ask ourselves:  

  • What is she hiding on his behalf?  
  • How does she afford to go on 'fancy trips to Rome with Monsignor Rossi' and the other priests at the Shrine. 
  • What makes this volunteer so special that she gets all these perks that other volunteers don't?  
  • Is this a case of Msgr. Rossi using his position to reward those who are loyal to him. 

In a conversation with a shrine source, she bragged arrogantly that "Monsignor Rossi knows who is loyal to him in the building." 

She was also aware of the two guards who stole from the collection boxes, that pilgrims from far and wide give to those less fortunate than ourselves. 

She should not be considered a Daughter of the Shrine.  

She is an enabler of Msgr. Rossi, like many others.  She is a con-woman, lying to the rest of us for her own selfish reasons.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

DC Knights of Columbus and the $64,000 Question

Even among the Knights of Columbus, there is dirty politics...


Amando Alvarez was the State Deputy for the Knights of Columbus DC State Council in 2017/2018.   He was a good person but a bit hard headed and very disorganized.

While Mr. Alvarez was State Deputy, Otto Heck (Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle Council #11302) was the DC State Council Treasurer.  

It seems that Mr. Heck was very disruptive on a number of occasions, at a number of functions, mainly at council events.  Usually, something “ticked” him off, and he would go off.  This was exacerbated due, as my Irish friend would say, “he liked a bit of the drink.”  

It seems that this became a real problem within his council.  So, the council approached Amando about this problem, which has become well known.

Amando brought Otto up on charges of unbecoming a Knight.  

It looked like Otto was going to get the boot, but a deal was struck:  He could keep his position, but he had to sign a document stating that his behavior was unbecoming of a Knight of Columbus and took full responsibilities for the damaged caused.

Normally, the story would end, but my source tells me that Otto was not one to take this lightly and decided to seek revenge.

To do that, he turned to Brandon Brown.  Mr. Brown is from the St. Michael the Archangel Council #14823.

Brandon wanted to be State Deputy and always felt that he would be a better one than Amando.   And so, he saw this as his opportunity to get elected to State Deputy.

So, phone calls were made and it seems he got quite a number of the other Grand Knights, to vote for him as State Deputy. 

An inside source tells me that a deal was struck, but that he did not know what it was

I have not been able to discover what the deal exactly was, even asking around a bit. 

So, do any of you know what was the deal struck between Brandon Brown and his supporters?  

That is the $64,000 question that does not have an answer.  

You can write to me at

Monday, June 15, 2020

Msgr. Rossi Cover Up Continues...and my response

Well folks, it seems that the cover-up of Msgr. Rossi continues.  You can read the statement exonerating him here

I know that I have been merciless on Twitter, reminding everyone about this investigation regarding Msgr. Rossi.  

Now, it seems to me, that the timing is a bit suspicious:

  • I have been raising this issue for the last two months, whenever possible on Twitter.
  • +Gregory has gotten himself in a bit of hot water, regarding the visit of President Trump to the JPII Shrine.
  • We have constant calls about opening up churches, as he remains silent. 
Having talked to one of the witnesses in the case, he has told me that this is all one big lie, and a coverup of the financial and sexual abuse of Msgr. Rossi.  

I believe him.

I stopped a long time ago giving to the Archdiocese -- no Cardinals' Appeal, no special collections, nothing.   

Over the last year or so, I have reduced my giving to my parish by over 50%.   

Now, let me say this, that I believe that my pastor is a good man, a good priest, and tries to do what is right.  But he does follow, and I expect that, whatever comes from Hyattsville.

In addition, I have targeted my giving.  In other words, my donations can only be used for specific purposed.  For example, paying for the sacramental wine, hosts, or helping to pay for the repairs to the heating system.   

However, in good conscience, I can no longer give.  Therefore, I have stopped all further donations to my parish, until +Gregory is gone.