Thursday, January 21, 2021

Where in the Archdiocese is +Gregory?


One of the things that +Gregory has decided to continue to do, from his predecessor +Wuerl, is not to publish his schedule.

Mr. McCarrick, when he was Cardinal, would publish a weekly calendar of a few (not all) of his meetings, Masses, etc.  This was usually published in the Catholic Standard.

When +Wuerl took over, he continued it, but as the sexual abuse scandal grew, the calendar eventually disappeared.  In addition, he started to see some protests against him.  So, if you don't know where he is going to be, you can't confront him.  In addition, some events sponsored by various groups in the diocese, were starting to see protests.  For example, when Chris Matthews was hosted at his parish, for a book signing, a couple of Catholics confronted him in the parish hall.

 Now, when +Gregory took over, he continued that tradition.  You don't know where he will be until after he was there, except for some of the virtual events.  This ensures that any Catholics who wish to let their voices/opinions be know, well, they are kept in the dark and cannot confront him.

Now, let me make this clear, because someone will see my comments and take it the wrong way.   

I am NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE against +Gregory.

Let me repeat myself, I AM NOT ADVOCATING ANY VIOLENCE AGAINST +Gregory in any way, shape, or form.    

 If you wish to have a peaceful protest outside of the church building, where his is, that is okay.  If you can get into the coffee/donut time after an event, to question him, great. But no violence.

 However, what +Gregory is doing is simply hiding from the faithful that are upset at him.  He knows it.

So, if you know where he will be, let me know and we will let others know.  

Again, if you decide to confront him, do so with facts.  No violence.


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Blocked by +Gregory on Twitter


Well it seems that my criticism of +Gregory has been too much for him or at least the person who handles his Twitter account.    

I have been blocked.  

 It is not that the he or the person who manages his account posts a heck of a lot, because in the last 30 days, he only tweeted three times.  But I guess one of my comments hit a bit too close to home.  

Someone told me I should see it as a badge of honor.

Your thoughts? 

PS:  Someone who follows me on Twitter asked him, why he is blocking certain Catholics from his feed.  The Cardinal then blocked him.  Very. Thin. Skin.



Monday, January 18, 2021

The Deacon Project - Deacon Mark Asselin (Part 24)

 Man, oh Manischewitz, Deacon Mark Asselin just continues on like the Energizer Bunny.   Here we are at posting #24.  

Now, over the last two weeks, I have noticed a slight change in his "tweets."  

What is it, you ask?   Well what I have seemed to have noticed is that he does not comment as much, as he use to.  Now, it seems that he more and more he simply retweets without comment.

Nevertheless, let's take a look at what Deacon mark Asselin, currently assigned to St. Elizabeth's in Rockville, MD is up to.


So here we see that he what he believes about most Catholics.  Most likely it is conservative Catholics.  

On this tweet, if you watch what is going on, over the summer a number of black members of law enforcement were called the "N-word," "Uncle Tom's," and other choice words.  (Yes, there are videos of this.)  However, Deacon Mark seems never to have mentioned any of this.  Do you wonder why?

Well, the problem with this statement is that flags were lowered.  Yet, Deacon Mark did not seem to either delete this or correct the story.  This seems to be a recurring theme with him.

Not certain why, if they followed the Constitution in challenging election fraud in certain states.  I guess following the Constitution, goes against his belief system.

Yet, I guess it must have slipped his mind, that Arnie Schwarzenegger cheated on his wife.  Guess that Catholic reference did not matter.  


Saturday, January 9, 2021

+Gregory Designates the US Capitol "A Sacred Place"


+Gregory really does not know when to stop.  

He got caught in a lie about the President's visit to the JPII Center.  

Did not quarantine when he returned to DC from Rome.

Makes another plea for funds, due to low donations.

And now...decides that the Capital, like a Church, is a sacred place.

Should it be place of peace and non-violence.  Yes, I would agree.

Should it be a place of respect?  Yes.

Is is a place like a Church or a battlefield, in which many American's died?  No.

But, he has determined that it is a "sacred space."

Oh, do you notice he condemned the violent rhetoric due to the unrest/violence, but over the summer, gave that same stuff a pass.  

You can read the story from CNA.

Friday, January 8, 2021

The Deacon Project - Deacon Mark Asselin (Part 23)


Well, Friday brings us another edition of "What did Deacon Mark Asselin Say on Twitter?"

One of the biggest issues with Deacon Mark is that he seems to love to talk about politics.  Now, I was under the impression that this was a no-no for ordained clergy.  Not only that, but he seems to have an inordinate amount of time for it.

I guess the folks over in Hyattsville do not care.

 I guess allowing the Constitutional process to go forward, is not okay in his opinion.

Seems that EWTN, because of the controversy regarding changes, they should loose their tax exemption.  Wonders if he feels the same way about the Catholic Church in the US?
Again, allowing someone to follow the Constitutional process - a legal process, which the Democrats have used before -- deserves a recall?  Really?

Looks like he listened to the edited version by the Washington Post, as opposed to the unedited.  But then again, to Deacon Mark, the Wash comPost is gospel truth.
Now, this is a very interesting posting.  I will let you decide.