Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Justice for Maryland "ILLEGAL" Immigrants...

just can't stand any criticism.

You see, recently on Facebook, the Justice for Maryland "ILLEGAL" Immigrants posted that there would be training sessions on how to support the DREAM aka NIGHTMARE Act. (Okay, they don't have illegal in their name..that is just my way of ensuring that you understand that they really are focusing their efforts on illegal aliens.)

I posted a comment that everyone should attend, learn the tactics/arguments, and then use it against the Dream Act.

It seems that the folks over at the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) and Justice for ILLEGAL Immigrants, did not like that suggestion. So, they removed any comments.

So, I posted the comment for a second time.

Oh, and for clarification, I was not calling for any meeting disruption or that sort of thing. Nope. Attend, learn and use it against them.

Well, I guess that did not sit well with them. So they did the following:

1. They removed all comments.
2. Removed me from the "LIKE" (Both the MCC and Justice folks)
3. Closed all comments.

I guess the folks over at the Justice for Maryland ILLEGAL Immigrants and Maryland Catholic Conference can't stand criticism.

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