Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Real Reason Why Brookwood School is banned from Kensington Park...

In October of 2009, the Mayor of Kensington MD, banned Brookwood School (an independent Catholic girls school) from a small park.  He said that they were trashing/destroying the park.  Even after various offers of money and other options to help pay for park maintainance, he had the town council pass a resolution banning them.

Now, I knew that something was not right with this but I really did not focus too much on it.  Until this weekend, when a little bird told me the real reason:  The Mayor is gay and both him and his partner hate the Catholic Church.  This is their way of getting back in their own small minded way. 


What we have is a BIGOT running around, banning an independent Catholic School from using a public park.

If no one has called you on it, then let me be the first: 

is an

Oh, BTW, no one from Brookwood was involved in passing this information on to me. 


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Anonymous said...

Maybe homo PETE Fosselman is supporting his homo priest network of friends at the MCC, ADW & AB by harassing out of business the "independent" catholic school.
"Catholic in good standing", gay marriage promoting, pimping Maryland children to deviants and late term abortionists Marty O'Malley appointed Fosselman as deputy secretary of state of Maryland:
"Kensington Mayor Peter Fosselman has taken a position within Gov. Martin O'Malley's administration, overseeing the operations of charitable organizations across the state...The deputy position was expanded this year to encompass Maryland's charity campaigns with United Way, one of the state's largest charities, Smalls said. Fosselman's salary as deputy secretary of state will be $76,930 per year, he said. Fosselman said he sought legal counsel before taking the position, who advised him he could be both mayor of Kensington and deputy secretary of state.
“Mayor Peter Fosselman is quitting his day job to become the new deputy secretary of state but will stay on as the mayor of Kensington...want to focus on finishing the Sector Plan [for Kensington] and focus on my new responsibilities, and once I become acclimated, really focusing on the governor's mission." http://kensington.patch.com/articles/fosselman-responds-to-critics
Of course the Catholic gov's mission was to pass gay marriage:
"Peter C. Fosselman, Maryland's deputy secretary of state, attended with Duane Rollins, his partner of 16 years. Fosselman said that he's known the governor for about six years and speaks to him frequently about legal projections for gay couples. Fosselman once supported civil unions. "I was for anything that provided legal protections," he said. Like O'Malley, he decided only recently that gay marriage was a better approach."
Actually Fosselman decided for gay marriage in 2007:
Furmansky says the Montgomery County town's resolution, passed unanimously by the four-member council and Mayor Peter C. Fosselman last week, calls on the General Assembly to pass a marriage bill.
How do you call him ANTI Catholic when he is the one Montgomery County official to support CATHOLIC “who split from his wife Patricia in 2008” Anthony Brown for gov?
“The one local elected official present who said he is endorsing Brown, Kensington Mayor Peter Fosselman, is also a deputy secretary of state in the O’Malley/Brown administration.”

“Maryland Gov. Martin J. O’Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, both Catholics, commended the decision in a joint statement.” 6/28/12
Fosselman certainly isn’t anti-overseeing “charity” while being sued for fraud: