Sunday, July 28, 2013

Update on Teacher Aide from St. John the Evangelist School

According to the Maryland Court System:

Trial Date:  August 23, 2013
Trial Type: Felony Dismissal Date
Trial Time:10:00 AM
Room: 513

Trial Location:191 EAST JEFFERSON ST ROCKVILLE 20850-2325

If I understand it correctly, a  Felony Dismissal Date is a hearing where the defendant is informed of the accusations against them and the penalties that the court could impose on them if they are proved guilty of the charges that have been filed against them.  The defense attorney will do what he can to dismiss the charges but the county, if it feels it has enough of a case, can ask the judge to set a court date.

Also, some of the information regarding Mr. Delpino has been changed/updated from the original posting on the Court website.  He is now listed as follows:

Address:51 MONROE STREET #600
City:ROCKVILLEState:MDZip Code:20850 - 0000

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Anonymous said...

Where did u find all of this information?