Monday, October 14, 2013

Teacher Aide from St. John the Evangelist (Oct. 14th Update)

For those of you who are interested, here is the most recent development according to the Maryland Judiciary Case System:

On Friday, Oct. 11th, Discovery was completed.  The next step in this process is the Pretrial Hearing set for Nov. 15th at 9:30am in Courtroom 6.


Anonymous said...

Is there any reason why there is absolutely no mention of this on local news stations/papers/websites? Kind of bizarre, no?

Anonymous said...

Why has there been absolutely no mention of this story on any local news stations/papers/websites?


You have asked that question a couple of times on this blog (and you can see some of my previous posts): Why has this not made the papers?

I have a hunch as to why it has not, and I will share that with this audience one day.

I would ask that you take a look at some of the previous postings, esp. on Aug. 29th. Although some have been supportive of my posting of this information (most of it objective and some subjective), some have not.


To Anon at 2:31 and 2:33:

Maybe this is a question you should also be asking the WaPost and the Mont. Co. Gazette and even the Catholic Standard?

I wonder what the response would be if you called Mr. Zimmerman (Catholic Standard) and asked why this has not been reported?

Maybe I will do that that in the near future?