Thursday, January 23, 2014

A New Movie: Gimme Shelter

I have not seen the move but I did notice a advertisement in the Catholic Standard for this.  It looks interesting and if it is all that they say it is, it will be a movie to see with a message, not just the regular garbage that Hollywood pushes.

The movie "Gimme Shelter," which has a pro-life message, opens in theaters on Friday, and is based on the work of Kathy DiFiore, founder of Several Sources Shelters, a network of resources based in New Jersey for women in need including several shelters for unwed mothers and their babies.

Vanessa Hudgens of the "High School Musical" franchise plays a pregnant teen named Agnes “Apple” Bailey, who is abused by her mother, played by Rosario Dawson. She runs away from home in search of her father, played by Brendan Fraser, and encounters James Earl Jones, who plays a priest. Hudgens eventually ends up at the shelter run by DiFore, played by Ann Dowd in the film. -

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