Saturday, February 22, 2014

Something does not add up...

Recently, the WashingtonCompost posted another story about a homosexual who was denied Holy Communion by a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Washington.

According to the WashingtonCompost:

A Catholic chaplain at MedStar Washington Hospital Center stopped delivering a 63-year-old heart attack patient Communion prayers and last rites after the man said he was gay, the patient said Wednesday, describing a dramatic bedside scene starting with him citing Pope Francis and ending with him swearing at the cleric.
Details of the exchange this month between the Rev. Brian Coelho and retired travel agent Ronald Plishka couldn’t be confirmed with the priest, who did not respond to a direct e-mail or to requests left with the hospital and the archdiocese. The Archdiocese of Washington, for which he works, declined to comment and said Coelho “is not doing interviews.” The bedside discussion was first reported Monday in the Washington Blade.

To read the full story, go here:   click here

Now, in reading the story, a couple of things here come to mind: 

  1. The Archdiocese of Washington did not comment on the story.  Very unusual, esp. considering Fr. Marcel and the Boy Scouts.  Maybe they learned a lesson not to speak until all of the facts are in.  Maybe they feel that by remaining hush and not chastising Fr. Coelho in public, the story might go away.
  2. If Mr. Plishka goes to Mass every Sunday and claims to be Catholic, then he should know that if he is living an active gay lifestyle, and refuses to change his ways, then he should not receive Holy Communion.
  3. This has not generated the level of interest as with Fr. Marcel.  Why?  Maybe the homosexual community knows that there is more to the story than published and if it comes out, might be an embarrassment?
  4. Overall, there is something not right with this story.  I was talking about this with a female friend and she even feels that something is missing from the story.  Did Mr. Plishka leave something out?  Possibly.
  5. Considering th fact that there have been a number of anti-gay hoxes over the last few months (the waitress, the birthday party for the 7 year old, etc.), could this too be story that has been embellished by Mr. Plishka so that he could get his way?
The National Catholic Register (thank you reader for pointing me to this) goes into some possible reasons for this but they too have some serious questions regarding this story.

The story just does not add up.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ed Peters will post on this. I found this about Fr. Marcel - have you seen this?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I saw that. Peters' argument is hogwash. Under "summary of pertinent facts", Peters reports that Johnson introduced the other woman has her "lover". Then he states that "there was no mention of Johnson's lesbian status" in the very next sentence. Beg pardon, but the word "lover" is more than just a vague hint of "lesbian status".
Now look at the words "manifest", "obstinate" and "persevering". The relationship between the two women was announced to Fr Guarnizo. It was ongoing, therefore "persevering". "Manifest"? To the congregation gathered specifically for the funeral, as opposed to a regular Sunday Mass, arguably so - at least to a goodly percentage of that group. "Obstinate"? Johnson, having taught Catholic school, would have known the Church's teaching on gay relationships.
In short, Father Guarnizo did the right thing, hands down.

Anonymous said...


Could I ask you to expand on what you mean about the ADW feeling that by remaining hush and not chastising Fr. Coelho in public, the story might go away? Do you mean to suggest they will chastise Fr. Coelho in private?

The lower level of interest in the story I do think is a result of the ADW not making an official comment. I am concerned, however, that the ADW may have suggested to the reporter, off-the record, that the priest will be chastised.


To Anon at 10:54am:

It is possible, that after the backlash they received re Fr. Marcel, they probably spoke ot him privately about this. I don't know if they did or did not but that is my hunch.