Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fr. Dan Leary on "Jesus, the Gift of the Father"

Sent to me by a reader.  If you have not heard Fr. Dan preach, then you are missing out on what a friend calls "a powerful preacher."


“Jesus, the Gift of the Father,” an evening of reflection with Fr. Dan Leary, Tuesday November 18, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at St. Andrew the Apostle Church (11600 Kemp Mill Rd, Silver Spring, MD). The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed and confession will be available with light refreshments to follow.  For more information contact Maris Moriarty @

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Anonymous said...

Hi- I would like to request prayers for the victims of rape and abuse by members of the Catholic Church. Many of them were children when they were attacked or abused. This is also an ongoing crisis, with new victims each year, worldwide. I will remember them and their stories forever, but for the healing to truly take place, it will take the voices and efforts of many. To paraphrase a poem by an Indian schoolgirl, "Too many Catholics, in too many countries, speak the same language-- of silence." Thank you.