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Ask National Amusements to Stop Funding Abortion

I receive this each month, and have decided to share it with you.

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Please consider joining thousands in the Mustard Seed Project by sending a letter each month to a designated corporation asking them to stop supporting Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider.

You can use the letter below or selected parts of the letter or you can write your own letter. You can save your letter to use again next month; just change the addressee and date. Or, since new facts about PP are provided periodically, you may want to update your letter. It doesn't take long. This month we added the fact that Cecile Richards, PP CEO  annual salary is $590,928

Once in a while there are responses from readers alleging the sample letter is all lies. There is absolutely no intent to lie about anything in the letter. If there are any inaccuracies, let me know so they can be corrected. 

We believe the letter to be 100% accurate and want to maintain that accuracy. Please remember to always keep the tone of your letter respectful and polite. Your efforts have already resulted in 317 corporations ceasing support of PP which has cost them over $42.5 million annually. Thank you for your perseverance.

The letter recipient for July 2015 is:  NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS. Operations: advertising/marketing (CBS Outdoor), apparel (accessoriesclothing), broadcasting (cable/satellite: BET, CBS College Sports, CMT, FLiX, Logo, TMC, MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Smithsonian, Spike, TV Land, VH1,  radioTV: CBS, The CW), eateries (bars/cafes/lounges/restaurants: Chatters Bar & Grill, Director’s Hall Plus, Lux Level, LuxLite, Studio 3, SuperLux), entertainment (CD/music: CBS, Nick Music, Nickelodeon, cinemasclubs/live theater: The Comedy Zone, DVD/video: BET, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Showtime, Viacom, games/toysmotion picture production: BET, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, TV production: BET, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Viacom), home (d├ęcor), internet (products/services: College Publisher), publishing (books: MTV, Nickelodeon, Simon & Schuster,magazines).

Please write to:

Mr. Sumner M. Redstone, Chairman & CEO
National Amusements Inc.
846 University Ave.
P.O. Box 1908
Norwood, MA  02068

Sample letter
Mr. Sumner M. Redstone, Chairman & CEO
National Amusements Inc.
846 University Ave.
P.O. Box 1908
Norwood, MA  02068

Dear Mr. Redstone,

This letter contains information you should be aware of regarding your support of Planned Parenthood. According to their annual reports, PP performs over 327,000 abortions annually and rewards PP facilities that exceed their quotas for killing preborns so there is an enticement to subtly pressure women to abort which is reflected in declining adoption referral statistics.  Also, PP does not do mammograms although they have prominently claimed they do.

There are many other reasons that PP does not need your support. As a "nonprofit" PP has received billions of taxpayer dollars over its history.  Moreover, PP has been audited in several states, including California, New Jersey and New York and has been found to have overbilled for its services.

In 2013, PP settled a billing fraud suit with Texas for 4.3 million dollars. Recently another Texas PP group, PP of North Texas, was caught engaging in fraud. A new federal audit found that PP overbilled taxpayers for services, including “family planning” services for patients who were already sterilized.

The riots in Baltimore have brought a lot of attention to the fact that so many black families are led by single mothers. Many say the problem is a lack of fathers to properly raise their children. They repeat over and over that youngsters not guided and disciplined by fathers turn to violence. But why are so many fathers missing?
PP’s philosophy preached to young people in schools is to have sex at any age whenever you want but be sure to use a condom. PP does not provide any moral guidance or any idea of responsibility, just go have sex.

So with encouragement from PP youngsters will have sex and it is well known that contraceptives fail youngsters at a very high rate. The result of PP’s philosophy is that many unmarried young girls become pregnant and either become ill-equipped single moms or abort their babies to increase PP’s revenue.

Most single parent families experience many social pathologies which some 73% of black families have endured for several generations such as: poverty, school dropouts, sexually transmitted disease, teen pregnancy, criminal behavior, abuse of women and children and abortion and its evil effects.

Many single parents lack the resources to give their children a good education so that many blacks have to take lower paying jobs all their lives. Thus the social discrimination of aborting blacks for profit by Planned Parenthood results in lifelong educational and economic discrimination.

Abortion injures women in many ways, even though these injuries are denied by Planned Parenthood.  For example:
• 31% suffer physical health complications.
• 10% suffer immediate, potentially life-threatening complications.
• 65% are at higher risk of clinical depression following abortion vs. childbirth.
• 65% suffer symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
• Women’s death rates after abortion are 3.5 times higher than after giving birth.
• Suicide rates are six times higher than among women who give birth.
• Abortion increases a woman’s risk of future miscarriages by 60%.
• One abortion increases the risk of breast cancer up to 44%; it is even higher for multiple abortions.

PP of Colorado withdrew its support from and castigated a legislator who supported a bill to make it a crime to kill a pregnant woman’s baby she planned to deliver. The bill failed because of PP’s opposition.

The Live Action organization has done investigative reporting over the last six years using undercover videos of PP supporting child sexual abuse, racism, deceptive counseling, sex-trafficking, false advertising, fraud and sex-selection abortions.  Recently, Live Action videotaped PP employees instructing teen girls in dangerous S&M sex. These videos may be viewed on Live Action’s website. Surely you wouldn’t support these activities or match employee giving to such organizations.

The American public does not support unlimited abortions.  Some poll findings:

84% say abortion should be illegal in the last three months of pregnancy. PP objects to banning these abortions, which are very painful to the baby.
77% support banning sex-selection abortions.  PP lobbies to stop any attempt to ban sex-selection abortions.  A sex-selection abortion is the killing of a baby girl because she is a girl.
78% support notifying a parent of a minor’s abortion. PP actively lobbies to prevent parents from being notified.

PP claims to have the safety and health of women as a primary goal. However, Planned Parenthood vehemently opposed a new Michigan law that requires women to be screened to help prevent coercive abortions, requires aborted babies to be buried or cremated and abortuaries to be licensed and inspected.

License/inspection requirements include: (1) patient welfare should be a number-one priority, (2) The facility should  be kept clean and sanitary, and (3) a qualified physician shall be present and in authority.
No one who considers the safety of women as a priority would oppose this law, but PP did.

Planned Parenthood in San Jose, California hired abortionist Timothy Liveright to do abortions. Previously, he did abortions for PP in Delaware but had to leave there. Delaware medical officials cited Liveright for numerous problems including: over-sedating patients, performing unnecessary suction procedures, failing to properly assess patients, failing to properly administer oxygen, causing at least one perforation during surgery, failing to properly supervise resident physicians during procedures and failing to act with due competence and diligence to avoid unnecessary complications, resulting in patients requiring emergency hospital treatment.

That PP would hire a physician with such a terrible record of malpractice is proof that revenue is their top priority and women’s safety is not on their radar.
I presume that you were unaware of Planned Parenthood’s despicable practices and history.  For moral, ethical and financial reasons I ask you to please refrain from supporting PP.

According to the IRS form 990, the CEO of PP, Cecile Richards' annual salary is $590,928. PP does not need your support.

If you question this information about PP, your independent research will provide verification.

Thank you for reading my letter and for considering not contributing to Planned Parenthood in the future.  

Very truly yours,

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