Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Catholic Standard Must be Hard Up for Revenue

I meant to post something about this last year, but I did not have the time.  However, I once again noticed that there was an insert for the Central Union Mission.  This insert, an envelope, requested funds so that they could provide Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless and those who cannot afford a meal.

Now, I have nothing against the Central Union Mission.  I have read about them on their website and really have nothing against what they are attempting to do and their general mission in DC.  Therefore, this posting is not about them but about the Catholic Standard.

I wonder why they would accept the solicitation of funds for a non-Catholic church group, when many of our parishes are asking for canned food and funds for those who are less fortunate at Thanksgiving.  You would think that before the Standard advertises for other groups, the focus would be on Catholic parishes.

The Catholic Standard must really be hurting for revenue, if is accepting advertisements from other church groups.

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