Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Catholic Standard Update (Feb. 6, 2020 Edition)

Well Folks, let the trumpets blare and the children scream in delight, as I bring you another Catholic Standard update.  I do it, so that I will suffer for you, so that you don't have to, unless you want to. 

  • Still no mention of the Msgr. Rossi investigation
  • Still no mention of the stabbing at the National Shrine
  • Still no mention of how much was raised in the 2019 Annual Appeal
  • Do you get the impression that there is a lot not being said these days?  
  • Nice articles on Coach Wootten's legacy
  • Follow-up articles on Catholic Schools Week.  +Gregory was everywhere visiting children, getting photo ops, etc.  That must be why he hasn't mentioned the Msgr. Rossi investigation.  He is sooooo busy.  
  • Recognizing religious priests, brothers and sisters, who celebrated 25 or more years.  Congratulations.
  • Articles on the deaths of two prominent Catholics: Mary Higgins Clark & Kobe Bryant.  Did you know that they were Catholic?
  • Two articles on President Trump speaking at the Pro-Life March.  What I find interesting about this article, was the fact that there were a number of quotes by priests, who attacked/question his being pro-life. I don't remember this when were were talking about "health care for all."  For example, you have protests by a couple of Franciscans, who are also protesting about climate change, immigration, etc.  My question, and I don't know the answer, were these Franciscans protesting in previous years, and if yes, why are you taking away from the messaging of the day?    If they weren't protesting the same way in previous years, why?     In addition, there was some priest from Annapolis ranting about how Trump was not pro-life.  Wonders if he said the same about Obama.  

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