Sunday, November 11, 2007

My father, who served with the Army Air Force during WW2, wears his Honorable Service Label Pin on his jacket. (Commonly called the "Ruptured Duck.")

On this Veteran's Day, please take a few minutes to pray for:

  • him and the millions who have served this nation honorably
  • all those who serve in our Armed Forces, especially those in Afghanistan and Iraq. May God, through his Son, keep them safe till they return to their families and loved ones.
  • the families of those who serve, especially in combat areas. May God, thru His Son, give them the strength to make it through each day, until their loved one returns.
  • the Catholic Chaplains who serve in the military. May God, through His Son, give them the wisdom and strength to help those who protect us all.

Our parish prays for all men and women in the Armed Forces each week. Does yours? If not, ask the pastor to it each and every week during the Prayers of the Faithful.

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