Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wagyu Steak, Taxes, Lobbyists, etc. & the Catholic Social Justice Crowd

So, here we are apx. three weeks after the inauguration of the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama. And, the Catholic left has been oddly silent about the goings-on of this administration.

First, we have the Most Merciful inviting a couple of Senators and Representatives for a little Wagyu steak and cocktails. Now, I don't hold anything against some beef and booze but did you know that this beef costs over $100 per pound. You mean you can't find a really good cut of beef for around $10 per pound? So, if three or four pounds of the stuff is purchased, with our economic crisis, is that a wise way to spend money? Do you know how much beef or chicken you can buy with that money and how many people you can feed with it?

The Obama nominees seem to have a problem with tax payments. For a man who says that everyone should pay their fair share, there seem to be an awful lot who don't. We got Tom Daschle, Tim Geithner and Nancy Killifer. There are a lot of social services you can buy with that money.

Since this is the most ethical administration ever, and the Most Merciful has declared that no lobbyists will be hired, but William Lynn his choice to become the No. 2 official at the Defense Department recently lobbied for military contractor Raytheon and Bill Corr, his choice as deputy secretary at Health and Human Services, lobbied through most of last year as an anti-tobacco advocate. But that is okay because it is him.

For the last week, over 1 million (now down to 500,000) people have been without power in the mid-west due to winter storms, and yet, where is the USCCB and the Catholic left calling upon the Obama administration to do something about this? Isn't this racism because many of those w/o power are white?

Finally, the Most Merciful (and his Mrs.) visited a DC Public School earlier this week to read to the children. Yet no one asked him the question: "If this is such a great school, why don't you send your daughter's here?"

Where is the Catholic social justice crowd these days? I guess they have not removed the rose colored glasses yet.

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jose said...

"Finally, the Most Merciful (and his Mrs.) visited a DC Public School earlier this week to read to the children."

This while, in his own words, we are in the biggest crisis in history. His reason? "I am tired of being in the White House, I need a break" What was he reading? My Pet Goat"?