Monday, July 19, 2010

The Latin Mass

A few weeks ago, I got myself up extra early and headed down to The Latin Mass at Old St. John the Evangelist off of Georgia Avenue. It takes place every Sunday at 7:30am.

This was my very first time at this Mass. There were about 100 people in attendance.

It was very different. I spent most of the time trying to understand what the priest was doing and where we were in the Order of the Mass. The priest gave a great sermon. Very clear, concise and really to the point. None of this meandering about.

Now, some people will write it off. I will not. I will try to get myself out of bed early a couple more times before the end of the calendar year and head over there to Mass. Who knows. I may even become a regular.

After Mass, as I was heading towards downtown Silver Spring on Georgia Ave, I discovered a place call the New York Bagel Shop. Great bagels. Their Black Russian bagel, with a smear of cream cheese, is fantastic.


Venite, Missa est! said...

Congratulations on "finding" the mass of ages.

It took me about three months (every other week) to finally "catch on" to where I knew what was going on in mass, now I can tell where we are just by the position of the priest, servers or the missal, at any time.

Just think of the TLM as a bigger outline of the mass (with much more in the subcategories) and the Novus Ordo mass as a simplified outline.

They are the same mass in essence.

Dymphna said...

I've wanted to go to St Johns. How was the parking?

Anonymous said...

Or you can always come to old St. Mary's on 5th and H, NW. (They're near metro stops or they have a church lot on H St.) They have a later - 9 am Sunday Traditional Latin Mass.
St. Mary's has a great history, founded in 1845. And although the neighborhood has gotten better, poverty saved the church from being wreckovated.


There is plenty of parking across the street in the KofC parking lot. (Maybe 100 spaces?) There seems to be limited parking next to the church.