Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Someone to Vote Against in the Next Election

A reader sent me a copy of an email received from the District 18 Democrats (Richard "Homosexual Rights" Magdaleno, Al Carr, Jeff "Pro-lifers are extremists" Waldsteicher and Ana Sol "There are no illegals" GutiƩrrez).

The email focuses on her support of education and in it she states:

Throughout our term, Senator Rich Madaleno, Delegate Al Carr, Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher, and I have fought for our schools, our teachers and--most importantly--our students. Working together, we have:

Helped close the achievement gap by making sure all students are taught by the highest quality teachers (1);
Led the fight against giving taxpayer dollars to religious private schools by actively opposing the BOAST Bill (2);
Provided record funding for K-12 public education every year for the past four years, including the much-needed Geographic Cost of Education Index (GCEI) in additional state funding (3).

Yes, many of you have supported them in the past? Will you continue to support them? Do you like to be double taxed?

The Maryland Catholic Conference which has partnered with her in their support of illegal aliens. It is my hope that they drop their support of her on this and all other issues until she comes around to support Catholic schools. Our schools are closing and she is helping to close them.

Let's remember them in November and throw them out on their butts.


Anonymous said...

Double taxed? Where does it say that? This is just more of the political smear BS that the District 18 team is trying to get away from by focusing on progress and concrete plans of action. We need solutions not attacks.


Well, let me ask you...each time a parent sends their children to a Catholic or other religious/private school, is he/she not subsidizing the public schools? Are they not paying taxes for public schools? Who is being double taxed??? Those who send their children to private schools.

People like Ana Sol and the rest of the District 18 party hacks offer no new solutions should be down on their knees thanking these parents for what they do.

instead, they are insulted and ignored.

Solutions. The only solution Ana Sol brings to the table is more government.