Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Red Hat has been given to...

Archbishop Wuerl...who will be called, in less than a month...His Eminence.

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PS: In an earlier posting, I stated that I would believe this would happen soon. Click here.


Dymphna said...

No cheers here.

Anonymous said...

At least the pope made him cough up the statement first:

One of the most striking examples of a wrong exercise of freedom is the choice to kill an unborn child - abortion.

Funny to note the CS description of the two new American cardinals:

Cardinal-designate Burke, 62, is prefect of the Vatican's highest tribunal, the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature. While the court's work is generally shrouded in secrecy, when it comes to moral and political issues - especially abortion and same-sex marriage - Cardinal-designate Burke has been one of the most outspoken U.S. bishops.

Cardinal-designate Wuerl, 69, is known for his commitment to promoting Catholic religious education and Catholic schools. As head of the archdiocese that includes the U.S. capital, he also has been a leader in defending Catholic values in public life.

I guess "promoting" Catholic schools is Greek for closing them and "promoting" Catholic values is Latin for trying to eliminate the multi-child Catholic school tuition discount for families who practice said values.

Not sure, however, how the 4/9/10"Letter to Catholics" in which Wuerl compared the church to a "stained[,] glass window" that prevents the "harsh glare" of the sun from breaking through (not to mention the hierarchy from throwing any rocks (at Goliath or the Gates of Hell for instance)), escaped the vatican's attention--especially when Wuerl then went on to say: "With much hard work, the window in our country was repaired."

How many churches/windows are there? Perhaps under Wuerl's leadership we will move to a China model where Barak Obama and Joe Biden appoint our bishops and the vatican merely concurs.

An appointment that calls to my mind rats and sinking ships...