Friday, June 17, 2011

Catholic Standard Highlights Pro-Abort/Pro-Gay Politicians

My friend Melvin called me last night to inform me that the Catholic Standard has two stories in it of interest.

First, is the Cardinal with Mayor Gray re the signing of an agreement making Washington DC and Rome "sister cities." Of course, the article mentions how the Mayor is Catholyc.

Second, we have another article having to do with an award ceremony (can't remember the name) but they prominently mention that Donna Brazile is a Catholyc. Now I am not certain what that has to do with the awards dinner, but as you know she is heavily involved in the Democrat Party and a HUGE supporter of abortion and homosexual marriage. Remember how Archbishop Hughes boycotted Xavier University bestowing her an honor?

Once again, the Standard highlights the fact that the Cardinal does the photo 0p with someone who goes against Catholic teaching, as well as, honors by mentioning a Catholic who stands against many of the Church's teachings.

With friends like the Catholic Standard, who needs enemies.

Seems like the Communications group over at the Archdiocese is starting to slip up.


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Katherine said...

You forgot the Cardinal's praise for Democratic National Committeewoman Royster and Sister Carol "Obamacare" Keehan:

Anonymous said...

This is the Brazile Catholic article.

Besides the two articles you mention, there was also an article about McCarrick being named a distinguished scholar at the library of congress to study Islam.
I cannot locate the article on the Catholic Standard site, but here it is elsewhere:

Seems like Uncle Ted has found a new get rich off helping the poor scam:

Seems like the distinguished get $4200 a month (or more) to give a presentation and arrange some meetings that congress members can attend. A nice reward for serving the Lord...