Friday, June 10, 2011

Crossing the Tiber...

The title is a term used to identify when one has converted to Catholocism.

Wednesday's Washington Examiner reported that St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Bladensburg joined the Roman Catholic Church - Archdiocese of Washington on Monday, June 6th.

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Anonymous said...

"Prayer and study, not any controversies, led the congregation toward unity, Rev. Lewis said, when asked whether Episcopal doctrine on the priesthood or sexual issues had precipitated the move.

"Those issues on the priesthood and sexuality have been around. The real issue that drove us was our study of the Catholic faith," he said. "The more we looked at it and compared it to Anglicanism, we were drawn to the Church of Rome. It was a natural progression." "Catholic Standard"

"Leaders of the church said Monday that they were not leaving the Episcopal Church because of the ordination of gays and women — issues that have bitterly divided the American wing of the Anglican Church and coincided with stepped-up efforts by the Vatican to reach out to Anglicans. Instead, church members said, they were satisfying their longing for a clear religious authority by welcoming the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI." "The Washington Post"

What a careful spin the Archdiocese of Washington has put on this "conversion". The reason the Vatican reached out to them is NOT the reason they came into the Roman Catholic church - they are becoming RCs because they found out they were RCs all along. Now I happen to know people who left the Catholic church to worship at St Luke's because that church permitted things the Catholic church doesn't -- and this article says nothing about those issues, i.e. abortion, contraception & divorce, either.

Why these Anglicans who have been doing pretty much whatever they wanted to do for nigh on 500 years suddenly want the Pope telling them what to do for when they are going to believe (and do) what they want regardless (on sexuality and ordination) and what the Catholic Church wants them for (except money) is pretty odd.

I'm surprised at you ADW Catholic -could it be the blog crackdown has come your way?