Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fr. Clifford please cancel the Retreat by Bishop Gumbleton

Dear Fr. Clifford:

It has come to my attention that Bishop Gumbleton will be conducting a one day retreat on March 3rd at your parish.

I am calling upon you to disinvite him (and Pax Christi) from holding a retreat at a Catholic facility.

Bishop Gumbleton is well known for his opposition to church teachings in the area of homosexuality and the ordination of women.

Our Church is under attack from all sides, and we do not need to "invite the fox into the henhouse."

In addition, was this cleared with the Archdiocese of Washington? It is my understanding that Bishop Gumbleton has not informed the Archdiocese of his intent to visit. Maybe he and Pax Christi were hoping to pull a fast one, like he attempted to do to Bishop Morlino.

It is time to stand up for the faith and tell those who wish to destroy true marriage and the Sacrament of Holy Orders that they are not welcome in the Catholic Church.


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