Thursday, April 11, 2013

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss: Prayers for Hope and Healing (and Mass) April 28th

Often when we promote the Church's rich teaching on marriage and family life, there are those who are striving to live the challenge of the Gospel courageously despite the fact that they have not been given the gift of a child.

On Sunday, April 28 at St. Jerome Parish (5205 43rd Ave. in Hyattsville), Prayers for Hope and Healing will be offered for those couples in the Archdiocese struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss.

At 3pm Kevin Wells, author of Burst, will speak on coping with infertility, and at 4pm Mass will be offered by Fr. James Stack. Priests are invited to concelebrate.

This event is co-sponsored by the archdiocesan Office for Family Life.
For more information, please contact Mary Hamm at 301-853-4499 or


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will include a prayer for all the babies aborted and contracepted in the ADW.

Maybe they will do some penance.

Maybe they will teach the natural law too that if you use artificial contraception (pill) it can make you sterile:

"The answer is: it is possible, if you are referencing hormonal based birth control (the pill). Hormone based contraception makes your body think it's pregnant, therefore shutting down a woman's natural fertility functions. When the pill is taken for years at a time, an unnatural situation occurs and certain fertility functions atrophy or weaken due to inactivity. If these hormones are taken long enough fertility functions simply never return when birth control is stopped. Here is a quote from an expert on this very subject.

"The other more insidious problem with the Pill is the undetectable effect it can have on the cervical crypts within the cervix. These channels produce the healthy, slippery cervical fluid necessary for conception to occur. The Pill often destroys the cells that line the channels, preventing a woman from producing the wet cervical fluid, which allows the sperm to swim through the cervix around ovulation. Often a woman's body will be able to regenerate the destroyed cells, but if not, she may need to resort to intrauterine insemination (IUI) in order to bypass the "biological gate" which is preventing the sperm from reaching their prized destination of the egg."

Sometimes it can take a year or more (never) for a person to begin ovulating again (a woman I know was only 20 when she got married, took BC for 2 years til she finished college and then could not get pregnant because she was not ovulating - took more than a year for her to get pregnant - was told it was due to her taking the pill).

When child bearing is postponed til couple feels like 'settling down' or that they can 'afford one pet baby' etc. (20 years after age of child bearing - mid-to-late 30s) it's a bit selfish to pray to God to give them what they want - not sure that qualifies as "healing" OR EVEN PRAYER.

George said...

Anonymous -

I am not sure who you think the audience of this event was, and why you jumped to conclude that these couples are selfish and need to do penance for contracepting...

I attended the talk and Mass. It was geared toward faithful Catholic couples experiencing infertility while striving to live out Catholic teachings on reproduction. Sometimes, couples who have never contracepted still can't conceive. Others may have contracepted in the past but have repented. This was a chance for these couples to come together to experience Christ's healing through their struggle.

I suggest you get your fact straight before you spew accusations at the people who attended this Mass.