Friday, February 13, 2015

MCC Crowning Achievement - None!

The radical leftist National Catholic Reporter (NCF) highlighted the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) as one of the Catholic lobbying groups.  It stated:

The Maryland Catholic Conference has helped the state pass an increase in the minimum wage, protect social services in the budget, defended the rights of immigrants and -- in what executive director Mary Ellen Russell calls the "crowning achievement" of recent years -- pass a repeal of the state death penalty.  As a bonus, just before he left office, Gov. Martin O'Maley commuted the sentences of four people on death row who were not affected by the repeal, and will now face live in prison and not death.

"Catholic Charities works with state agencies," Russell explained, "but the conference helps them deal with the implementation of a variety of policies in education, health insurance and immigration initiatives."

In several states, including Maryland, the state health commissioners did not guarantee that the state health exchange set up under the Affordable Care Act included a policy that did not cover elective abortion, something the act required.  As well, the Maryland conference will need to help implement the changes to the immigration system announced by Obama last year.

The MCC worked with the NAACP -- a pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage group to end the death penalty.  When they allowed me to comment on their Facebook page, I chastised them for it.  Ms. Russell explained to me that they were proud to work with anyone who would end it.  They have since taken down my comments from January 2013 and have banned me from commenting upon their website, as they knew I was right.

They were supporters of Obamacare and continue to support those who have entered the county illegally.

They do not even seem to attempt to stop abortion.  They have given up on it.

However, they have failed since the time of Dick Dowling to get tax credits for businesses which support Catholic Schools.  They have failed repeatedly to obtain tax credits for those who sent their children to Catholic Schools.  Personally, I am beginning to think that they are doing it for show.

They could not stop the rain tax.  They did little to stop gay marriage in the state.

They, like many Catholics, are willing to cozy up to radical leftist politicians, because of contracts.  No wonder why they ignore us, as they know we are more than willing to cozy up to then at the next social justice initative.



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