Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Archdiocese Supporting Illegal Aliens - Don't Support the Cardinal's Appeal


The school is Mother Spalding in Helen, MD.


I don't know if you or anyone else saw this, but someone brought it to my attention.

It seems that the Archdiocese and Catholic Charities, does not get enough funds from the Federal Government for protect illegal aliens.  They are now spending some of their limited resources, working with MoCo (and pro-abortion politicians) to find and train pro-bono lawyers to help illegals stay in the country. 

These were the same politicians who see abortion as a God given right and have tried to shut down pro-life organizations.  Here we have the Archdiocese of Washington in bed with them.

In the mean time, the Archdiocese has allowed another Catholic elementary school to close and yet, sees funding this illegal activity as acceptable.



From the Gazette:

Catholic Charities has about 13 attorneys working on cases involving unaccompanied minors, said Jacqueline Rishty, senior program manager at the organization’s Immigration Legal Services program.

The organization, however, is looking for volunteers to defend 85 cases of minors who have gone through a screening process and are awaiting an attorney.

She said the majority of unaccompanied minors are seeking Special Immigrant Juveniles Status for children who were abused, abandoned or neglected in their home country, usually by one or both parents.

On Monday, before and after the press conference, Catholic Charities trained interested lawyers about the status.

Fewer children are pursuing asylum or a visa for victims of crimes, Rishty said.

For the full story, click here:  http://www.gazette.net/article/20150126/NEWS/150129457/1124&template=gazette

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