Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kathleen Matthews, Chair of the Democrat Party in Maryland

Well, it seems that the wife of Chris Matthews, is now the chair of the Democrat Party in Maryland.  

I wonder if she will take up the Tom Perez policy that abortion is the litmus test for all members of the party.  

Will Fr. Potts, Fr. Scott and the other priests and deacons continue to allow her to receive Holy Communion?

You know the answer.   So sad.



Anonymous said...

Yes You are right very sad. I am a parishoner at Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Church in Bethesda MD, and my grandmother goes to Blessed Sacrament (Kathleen Mathews' parish) and is disgusted to see her receive the body of Christ. What have we come to?

Kurt said...

The Democrat Party is so vile and evil they violate the law even at the most basic level. I've searched the records of incorporation and all of the political finding, and the Democrat Party does not even register as it is required by law to do. There is not Democrat Party registered in the State of Maryland, though there is something with a similar name. The Democrat Party is a law breaker.