Friday, July 14, 2017

Pope Francis: Please Step Down from the Chair of Peter!

I have thought long and hard about this.  

I have always said that the Holy Spirit gives us the Pope we deserve.  

However, the more I think about it, and the more I read, we are seeing a true anti-church appear.  

I see those who are struggling to keep the faith and the promote the faith, attacked an insulted both direct and indirect.  Sometimes, even from the Chair of Peter.

I see those leaders, appointed by the Pope, leading many astray both in word and in deed.

Of course, those who have always been against the Church, see and hear, and pick up on it with glee, adding fuel to the fire.

Therefore, I am respectfully calling upon Pope Francis, for the sake of the Roman Catholic Church, and all those who are in Communion with the Church, I beg you to please step down.

I am also calling upon all those, who believe as I do, to please raise your voice and ask Pope Francis to step down for the sake of the Roman Catholic Church. 


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Hear! Hear!

Catholic Mission said...

Catholic political parties must teach Catholics the faith which is not being taught by religious due to political pressure
It is the politial parties which need to educate Catholics since Fr.Antonio Spadero s.j and La Civilita Cattolics will not do so. Milita Christi and Forza Nuova in Italy must in some way reiterate basic Catholic teaching.They must affirm all magisterial documents.But endorse them with the theology of Feeneyism and not irrational Cushingism.

On this point they cannot follow the present popes, cardinals and bishops who have aligned themselves with the political Left.They choose Cushingism instead of Feeneyism.Their agenda is a one world religion headed by Satan with a false and new image of Jesus and the Church. They even permit the Tridentine Rite Mass to be offered today but with a a false ideology.
The political parties, which affirm the Social Reign of Christ the King, over all political legislation, must not ony begin their events and daily programs with prayer but also reiterate Catholic teaching interpreted without the common false premise ( invisible people are visible).
So it is not enough to proclaim the Nicene Creed together.It is also necessary to point out briefly in some way that outside the Church there is no salvation and there are no practical exceptions.We do not know any one in particular who is saved outside the Church even if the popes and cardinals say they are.
We can expect to create new laws to obstruct the proclamation of Catholic truth. However it must be clear among Catholic political workers, that there is exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church and everybody needs to be a formal member of the Catholic Church to avoid Hell. This is Vatican Council II( AG 7, LG 14) and it is magisterial (Catechism of the Catholic Church( Feeneyite), Nicene Creed( Feeneyite) etc).It is not from pre-Vatican Council II times.
Catholics must also be made aware of philosphical errors in Vatican Council II which cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit.
However for the common good it should be affirmed in public and taught to Catholics that outside the Church there is no salvation according to Vatican Council II.Now for political reasons it is not being done by religious sisters and priests during catechism, evangelisation and religion classes in schools and the parishes.So political parties which support the non separation of Church and State must help Catholics reject the leftist theology,which is Cushingite and says there is salvation outside the Church.Cushingism is heretical and irrational.
Cardinal Richard Cushing was a supporter of the Masons and the Jewish Left in Boston and he used his ecclesiastical office to change theology in the Church.He was later supported by Cardinal Ratzinger when he was the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
Political groups like Militia Christi and Forza Nuova which conduct political awareness programs for its members, must extend them to Catholics in general through the faith.The faith is also the means of communication.
There is now ' a false church' within the true Church, the Mystical Body of Jesus.Cushingite theology is part of the new Church within the Catholic Church.This has become possible since the present magisterium has rebelled and is not affirming magisterial documents, interpreted with the rational and traditional theology.Ecclesiastics have their own political agenda.This must be countered with the simple truths of the faith,which is their only in the Catholic Church.-Lionel Andrades

TLM said...

Yes, I'm with you, but WHO pray tell would they get to take his place? If you have truly looked at the hierarchy and all who are either silent or echoing his anti Church mantra, we have not very many left who are not either 'yes men' or sodomite masons themselves. I hate to be so 'pessimistic' about the situation, but you have to call a spade a spade. I'm coming to the painful realization that it will take only Divine Intervention for Holy Mother Church to right the ship. I see no other way out. The Church is crawling with sodomite masons in 2017, and it looks to me that the hierarchy has been overtaken. The cock roaches have multiplied exponentially. I concur with many that the Vatican grounds are in total need a major exorcism. The Lord God needs to intervene, and I believe indeed He will, sooner than later. Meanwhile, our job is to pray and sacrifice and speak out against the evil that is being promoted WITHIN the Church of Christ, and let God be God and handle the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

This will be very hard because the heresiarca Bergoglio was hired by the mafia saint Galen, because he was a well known ultra liberal and heretic in Argentina
Bergoglio is an obstinate heretic

TLM said...

Nope, I don't think we're quite that lucky that he would 'voluntarily' step down. When the whole institutional Church of Christ is 'trashed' then and only then will he leave.

MarianCatholic said...

Forget frantic Francis and start defending the Catholic Priest if you have any fear of God.