Saturday, January 9, 2021

+Gregory Designates the US Capitol "A Sacred Place"


+Gregory really does not know when to stop.  

He got caught in a lie about the President's visit to the JPII Center.  

Did not quarantine when he returned to DC from Rome.

Makes another plea for funds, due to low donations.

And now...decides that the Capital, like a Church, is a sacred place.

Should it be place of peace and non-violence.  Yes, I would agree.

Should it be a place of respect?  Yes.

Is is a place like a Church or a battlefield, in which many American's died?  No.

But, he has determined that it is a "sacred space."

Oh, do you notice he condemned the violent rhetoric due to the unrest/violence, but over the summer, gave that same stuff a pass.  

You can read the story from CNA.

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