Friday, August 14, 2009

Catholic Standard - Weekly Update

Well folks, it is that time of the week...for the Catholic Standard (Archdiocese of Washington DC) Weekly Update.

The cover story is on the death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of Special Olympics, and noted pro-life advocate. Talk about pro-life -- Special Olympics. She also fought, usually behind the scenes, to advocate the pro-life agenda in the Democratic Party. Let us keep the repose of her soul in our prayers.

We then move to an article on Sotomayor's appointment to the Court. Once again, the Catholic News Service (CNS) says that it is "unclear on abortion stand." Give me a break! Did you notice how quiet NARAL, Planned Parenthood, NOW and the rest of the pro-abortionists were? The reporter (Patricia Zapor) and the editors are just asleep at the wheel or just tools of the the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama.

This is followed by an article on the new US Ambassador to the Vatican -- Miguel Diaz.

In the Insight section, we see an article on how the Catholic Health Assn, and others are pushing for socialized medicine. There has been enough articles on following the money for CHA, St. Vincent dePaul an Catholic Charities to really make you wonders -- is it really about health care, or have they been bought off by Federal contracts. Remember, CHA is a trade association. But of course, the CNS article glosses over these facts.

If the government takes over health care, will there be a need for the Church to raise funds to pay for health care for those who cannot afford it? I wonder if the Church as thought about that.

There is a nice article on fostering the missionary spirit in children. And, I would go further -- encouraging children to help those who are less fortunate. And that encouragement should come not by supporting a government program, but by doing it from what you have.

There is a full page on the Knights of Columbus' Annual Meeting. They are big supporters of Special Olympics. They offered support of true marriage, against porn and are pro-life. Maybe the pro-Obama Knights should think twice about being members.

Did you notice that there is no mention of the honoring of pro-abortion Cokie and Steve Roberts by the Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR) organization. The story posted here was picked up by one of the local bloggers and one of the major Catholic blogs. A reader has shared with me his/her letter to them asking them to pull back their award, but no news yet. Will keep you posted.

The obituary section has a very nice story on Crosier Father Roert Zylla.

Finally, the back page has a good story on Pure Fashion. It is about teaching young ladies about dressing fashionably but appropriately. It also has a self-esteem component too. The young ladies who are shown in the article all look very beautiful in their outfits. Nice job.

Remember, as always, if you don't get the Standard, pick one up in your parish. Remember, they are required to carry it (and pay for it) -- whether they like it or not.


Remider: I am taking time off, so you won't see as many articles posted during August. Any breaking news or something that needs some light shined on it (like SOAR), you will see it here.

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