Monday, January 25, 2010

Catholic Charities of Washington DC honors CCHD

From the Catholic News Agency:

Catholic Charities of the Washington D.C. Archdiocese will join with Catholic Charities USA in honoring Martin Luther King Jr. by sponsoring the first national “Keep the Dream Alive Mass and Award.” The event will be held on Monday, Jan. 18 at St. Aloysius Church in Washington D.C. and will recognize four national figures who have worked to preserve King's legacy, particularly the reduction of poverty.

“As we celebrate our Centennial Year by renewing our commitment to reduce poverty in America, we join the nation in honoring the Rev. Dr. King as a great champion of the struggle to reduce poverty,” said Fr. Larry Snyder, the President of Catholic Charities USA. “We will present this award annually to national figures who inspire the nation to keep the dream alive by their life work of reducing poverty in America.”

Fr. Snyder will present the award to Allison Boisvert, Social Justice Minister for the Pax Christi Catholic Community in Minnesota; Dr. Arturo Chavez, Ph. D, President and CEO of the Mexican American College and Cultural Center in Texas; Ralph McCloud, Director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C. and Rev. Raymond Kemp, STL, a Fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Auxiliary Bishop Martin D. Holley will preside over the Jan. 18 Mass at St. Aloysius

Why does one honor the person who, as the head of CCHD squandered money from Catholics on ACORN and other groups who work against the Catholic faith? Ralph McCloud has been the head for the last few years but money still flowed to these groups and to others. And to make matters worse, he takes no responsibility -- he says it is up to the bishops to approve.

It is bad enough that Catholic Charities of DC has to be a part of this but then when members of our own hierarchy are involved, such as Auxiliary Bishop Holley, it just adds insult to injury.

Maybe that is why it was not included in this week's Catholic Standard. It would have been another embarrassing situation, like when Archbishop Wuerl honored John Sweeney - AFL-CIO boss, who supports abortion and pro-gay lifestyle.

They continue to do this sort of stuff and expect us to give till it hurts!!!

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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...
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Anonymous said...

There is a question you need to answer: Did this type of thing occur before Wuerl came to D.C.? Did McCarrick do that type of thing?

Wuerl habitually gave awards while he was in Pittsburgh. There was such a thing as the Donald Wuerl Award. It was like the Star on the Forehead thing, and it worked much like the Stockholm Syndrome. After all, if anyone repetitively gives out awards, he gets political points and popularity amongst those who don't recognize that such awards are worthless worldly vanities.

One would think that Wuerl gave awards to persons attached to groups that he was trying to butter up, for a future fund raising or business opportunity. But, that suspicion was neither proved or disproved. Do you see a pattern in the types of persons and groups Wuerl selects for award ceremonies? As you can see by now, Wuerl cannot be trusted. He does not make a person feel at peace.

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Anonymous said...

Remember something. Wuerl's auxillary bishops are Wuerl's surrogates. Holley is not the one to focus on. Wuerl is. The question is what's Wuerl's ulterior motive in this?

Would this have anything to do with Wuerl trying to play Damage Control for abandonning a number of Catholic schools which served the African American community? Would he be trying to dissuade the animosity that he caused others on account of de facto abandonning a pivotal segment of the African Catholics of D.C.? Doing what he did made him look heartless.

Expect Wuerl to start a quasi political campaign this year. McCarrick turns 80 and a position in the College of Cardinals will be opened. Keep us posted on what Wuerl does in the Public Relations realm.

Anonymous said...

You better believe that what Wuerl did to many Catholic schools that primarily served the Black community will come back to haunt him. The full story is not known to the public, but the forces of nature are closing in on him.

Anonymous said...

Can you get the previous anonymous poster to supply you with the full story on the 7 African American schools that Wuerl deep sixed, like Nixon's missing 18 Watergate minutes? This is Pittsburgh all over again.

As soon as Wuerl lost popularity amongst the common blue collar Pittsburgher, he ratcheted up his propaganda machine. When you see him rev up that machine again, let us know. Remember that not all of your readers live in D.C.

Anyone who knows Wuerl's mode of operation would be curious to see how he is going to make himself look like superman this time. As you can see, he is running out publicity ploys:

1] especially since the documentation proving the cover-up of his own personal secretary was recently posted online for everyone to see.

2] especially since over a dozen links to mainstream media news articles were posted on another web page, along with a detailed account of Wuerl's triple cover-up.

3] especially since his cowardice in defending the Eucharist against sacrilegious politicians was transmitted coast to coast.

This time could be a learning session for us all, only if someone would update us outsiders on what is going in D.C. After all, D.C. is our nation's capital too, you know.


I believe that he is talking about the Catholic Schools in DC that were closed and converted to Charter Schools. However, Anon will have to verify this information.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's what we're all referring to; those seven schools that Wuerl treated like an old washing machine that you put out in the alley, hoping that a junk dealer will come and take it away.

Even half of the full story of what transpired with those schools would be appreciated. It would be interesting to see if the full story on those D.C. schools are a deja vu of things that transpired in Pittsburgh, during the days when a number of Catholics there were trying to save their parishes and parish schools.

Wuerl was sued more than once by parishioners over the church closings, by the way. In fact, he suppressed so many parishes that Malachi Martin caught wind of it mentioned it in a Canadian interview.

Those seven D.C. schools easily catches a persons attention as soon as he reads the article that said the abandoning of that number of schools was never done before.

In Pittsburgh, amidst all the church closings was the time when Wuerl created a new parish and okayed the construction of a brand new church. That parish happened to be in a very financially healthy part of Pittsburgh. Bishops are supposed to look out for the poor. Wuerl looked out for the rich.

Anonymous said...

July 7, 1930, an important date indeed. It's the birthday of Cardinal McCarrick. July 7, 2010 the Archdiocese of Washington will no longer have a vote in a Papal Conclave. Do you know who wants to have our vote? Do you know what the price of a red hat is? Well everybody knows who wants to get our vote. But not everyone knows what the price of a red hat is. It seems Wuerl has decided he has to keep school closings to a minimal in order to get that hat. After he gets what he wants, watch out because he will be up to his old tricks again. He should give a full accounting of the finances of the Consortium of Catholic schools. We would like to know exactly what their sources of income are. WE ARE PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON AND CENTER CITY PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLS INC. Tell us about all the money you were supposed to get from them. Tell us how it is a little bit less since one of the converted schools has already closed. You will have to admit to at least that. Is it a little less, or is it a LOT less? How much will it be two years from now? You had it all figured out, right? It's going to catch up to you Your Excellency.

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous of January 28th has a point there ... and then some.

Disclosure is needed in a lot of things that have Wuerl's fingerprints on them. Having someone like him so close to the College of Cardinal a creepy experience.

And "they" say that the Fatima prophecies have all been fulfilled ... that the evils mentioned in those prophecies are a thing of the past ... that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was been accomplished. Give us a break. How stupid do "they" think we are? No period of peace has yet been granted to the world as prophesied. And the opposite of peace exists in the church.

Does anybody have any idea how God is going to rescue us from those clerics who keep cutting off the oxygen supply from the church? You know, it would be really nice to get to sigh with relief for the first time since who-knows-when. It's better than cringing while saying, "Oh no. What is What's-His-Name gonna do now?"