Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catholic Schools - Status

Well folks, with the announcement that St. Mark's in Hyattsville would merge with St. Camillus, it is time to try to recap what is happening.

OPEN - St. Jude's
OPEN - St. Catherine Laboure (at least for another year).
Closed and Merged: St. Hughes with St. Joseph in Beltsville.
Closed and Merged: St. Mark's (Hyattsville) with St. Camillus.
Unknown: St. Michael's in Ridge (Is working on raising a large amount of $$; I hope they make it).
Unknown: St. Jerome's**
Unknown: St. Michael's

(**Update 7am: I received word from a parent at St. Jerome's that they are have achieved 80% of their fundraising goal and have another major fundraiser in Feb. THEY WILL REMAIN OPEN! CONGRATS to the parents and supporters of St. J's. )

The schools that have a heavy number of student's who receive DC Opportunity Scholarships will probably merge/close within the next few years, unless there is some change in the make up of Congress. With the effective killing of the program (even with a valiant effort by the Archdiocese), this will be the death knell for some, if not all.

So, for all those who have their children in this program, or to all those who work in these schools, did you vote for the Most, Merciful Lord High Barack Obama (and the Democratic Congress). Is this the hope and change that you expected?

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Anonymous said...

All the best to St. Catherine and St. Jerome. Yes, it is ironic that it is surely the case that the parents of the opportunity scholarship students voted for President Obama. We wish the President and the Congress had not betrayed these families. But the Archdiocese must share the blame for the mess that has been made of Catholic education in the city. It was not good policy to make the schools dependent on a goverment program for their existence. Then too we must remember that our city schools closed eventhough we had the voucher program. The Archdiocese also chose to have two of the Catholic cosortium schools located in Southeast Washington, the area which has the least number of Catholic children. How much sense did that make? The Archdiocese should stop pointing the finger at the government for the demise of its city schools and should take the blame for much of what has gone wrong. We will not take this post as an opportunity to ask the Archbishop about all that rent he has collected from Center City Public Charter Schools Inc. We will use another post to get information on that subject. By the way, we are hearing rumblings that another one of the converted charter schools is going to bite the dust.