Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pro-Life Speaker This Weekend in Silver Spring

Someone from the Fr. Rosensteel Council - Knights of Columbus must be a regular follower of this blog because I get emails from him on various events -- and I am more than happy to them and post from other Councils too! (I won't discriminate here.)

It seems that the Fr. Rosensteel Council, as part of their gearing up for the Right to Life March this month is bringing in Joe Scheidler.

Mr. Scheidler is the National Director of the Pro-Life League and you can read about him here.

He will be at the Council this SUNDAY at 5:30pm. The location is 9707 Rosensteel Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 (just off of Forest Glen Road -- near the Forest Glen Metro).

Next Friday, they will have Randall Terry, of Operation Rescue at 7:30pm.

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