Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everything is hunky-dory in our Parishes...

A friend of mine (thanks Melvin) brought to my attention the Archbishop's Weekly Column in the Catholic Standard. (BTW, if it is "My Catholic Standard" then can it be "Your Catholic Standard." Maybe their should be a change to "Our Catholic Standard." I digress here for the moment.)

If you have not read it, we basically find out that things are going beautifully in every parish in the diocese. They are filled with faith, parishioners are happy, pastors are always engaged and everyone loves them.

Let's be honest here. There are many good things which go on in parishes. However, we do have a number of problems. An Archbishop who honors pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Catholics. We have dissenting organizations still meeting in our parishes. We have parishes which are politicizing the Mass. Parishes which do not follow the the Liturgy as they should. Priests who would prefer not to have to deal with parishioners. Do I need to say more?

In fact, what I have noticed that since I have begun this blog, some parishes have done whatever they can to keep their dissent just below the surface. Fewer announcements in the parish bulletins, more careful wording of group events, etc. I have event seen this in the Standard.

So folks, here is the chance for those of you who are so inclined to let us know if there are dissenting organizations meeting in your parish. Maybe there is a hidden Fr. Plaeger amount our priests. Maybe there is a pro-abortion politician (and everyone knows it) regularly receiving Holy Communion.

Let's hear from you.


Anonymous said...

St Rose of Lima continues to let VOTF meet at the parish. It is also considered a 'gay-friendly' parish according the the website of New Ways ministry. (What gay-friendly means in this case is the question and why are they so designated?)

--concerned parishioner

Anonymous said...

Given the recent reminders of the tragic events that led to the creation of the Voice of the Faithful, can you remind me why VOTF is a problem and not a valid response of the laity?


If you do a search of VOTF on this blog, Restore DC Catholicism, and Catholic Vote/American Papist, there is more than enough information to answer your question.

BTW, thank you for visiting and reading the blog.