Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catholic Standard - Part 2

Well, it is time to remind each of you what was not reported in this week's Catholic Standard.

Mr. Richard Szezepanowski, the reporter assigned to this, noted very clearly that Archbishop Wuerl is ending his term as the Chairman of the National Catholic Education Association Board of Directors, and was honored for his "exceptional leadership."

However, he seems to have missed something. Do any of you remember what that is? It was reported on this blog (and others) on March 2, 1010?

Yes, folks, it seems that he left out the fact that the keynote speaker was Garrison Keillor. Most of us know him from Prairie Home Companion and probably think he is one of those quaint humorists. But did you know that he supports same sex marriage and abortions?

Now, how did Mr. Szczepanowski forget to leave it out?

We also have the story on Page 14 about the John Carroll Society. Congratulations to all who were honored.

But again, there was just something missing from the story. Now what was it...

Oh yes, it seems that the keynote speaker that night was to be Sr. Carol Keehan.

Now, you must remember her, she is the president of the Catholic Health Association. Still don't?

She came just days before the vote on the Health Care and supported it? Still don't? Well then, you should remember that she received on of the signature pens that the Most Merciful, Barack Obama of the Regime used to sign the bill into law.

Well, she was to be the keynote speaker but suddenly decided that it probably wasn't the best time to speak at the dinner.

Funny how Mr. Mark Zimmerman neglected to put that in the story.

There seems to be some serious memory loss at the Catholic Standard these days.

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