Monday, August 9, 2010

Prominent Protestant Pastor Struggles with Homosexuality

Some of you by now have seen the story of Rev. Tom Brock.

Rev. Brock is a senior pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis and was "outed" (as the gay community likes to call it) by an undercover journalist with the Minnesota-based homosexual publication “Lavender” infiltrated. It seems that his crime was his attendance at a local chapter of Courage, a Catholic-run, prayer-based support group for men struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions."

There are so many levels to this story:

  • Those who did what they could to discredit his message that homosexuality is wrong.
  • His forgiveness of the person who did this.
  • The importance of a support group to help him with his struggle.

Catholic Exchange has the story and interview.

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