Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catholycs for Equality are Not Catholic

After receiving a letter from the group Catholics for Equality urging a change to the “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy, the Archbishop for Military Services responded, saying that the archdiocese's position is “clear.” The prelate added that the group “cannot be legitimately recognized as Catholic.”

Catholics for Equality had requested a meeting with Archbishop for the Military Services Timothy Broglio, claiming he offered misleading and false arguments in his June 1 statement against allowing open homosexuals to serve in the U.S. military.

To read more, go to Catholic New Agency.

Thank you Archbishop Broglio.

I myself received a mass mailing from them to my account, asking for support and money.

One of the names on the email was the Rev. Joseph Palacios. Again, I publicly ask: Does he have faculties in this Archdiocese? If yes, then why? If not, and he celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, why does not the diocese put a stop to it?

Should not part of the New Evangelization be geared towards ensuring that the faithful are not lead astray?


Mr Flapatap said...

I googled Palacios' name and found out everything I needed to know: "an openly gay priest associated with Georgetown University"

Mr Flapatap said...

Oops! That's what happens when you don't visit for a while. Just saw the article below...

Steve Smith said...

I also received an email to the gmail account associated with my blog. I went to the email settings for gmail, and created a filter to automatically delete any further emails from this CINO (Catholic In Name Only) group.



I wouldn't filter out their emails. I would continue to receive them. Why? Because what better way at exposing their lies and half-truths.

Steve Smith said...

You're probably right. I'll have to think about it though. I tend to read these groups emails and/or web pages on occasion, and when I do, I tend to get angry at some of their nonsense. And when I get angry about it, my typing speed goes up and I write a blog post the size of "War and Peace", with comments that usually include a sledge hammer. Like I said,I'll think it over.