Thursday, September 16, 2010

Georgetown University and Catholics for Equality

The Cardinal Newman Society reports about Catholics (it really should be Catholycs) for Equality, an organization made up of catholycs who support same sex marriages, attempt to show that the Catholic Church is wrong on this issue, and that catholycs do support this issue (and to sway others). I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

One of the founders is a Rev. Joseph Palacios, who is also an assistant professor at Georgetown. He admits he is gay and has challenged the Church on the issue of gay marriage for many years.

So, my question is this: Has the Archdiocese granted him faculties? If yes, why have they not revoked his faculties?

If anyone knows the answer to these questions, please comment or write to me.

Note: Faculties means he is allowed to hear confession, offer Mass, etc. in an Archdiocese/Diocese.

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Viator Catholicus said...

And what will Wuerl do about Palacios?

Besides that, what will he do with Vince Gray? Gray supports abortion and redefining gay marriage and yet prcolaims himself a Catholic.

He can't plead "they are not in my diocese" this time.