Thursday, September 9, 2010

I was thinking...(and that can be dangerous)...

I was thinking, over the last few weeks, how the Archdiocese of Washington education policies will affect parents this year and long into the future.

As I speak to some of my friends -- Catholics who have children in Catholic school -- I have come to realize that it does not affect them. Why? Because they are not aware of the changes.

Many of them go about their normal everyday business -- work, home, children, fundraisers for the Church/School, etc. -- and are just too consumed with the normal everyday things. For them, they have no idea that these changes even took place.

In addition, although there was coverage earlier in the year in the Standard, things have become very quite and announced only after the fact. Look at the change for St. Jude's.

I don't fault them in the least bit but I was thinking if this was really part of what the Archdiocese was/is counting on.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

This is just a hunch, and a wild one at that. I think the end of the opportunity scholarship program will have to bring changes (again) to our city schools. This time I just do not see how any effort by the Archdiocese to put together some sort of consortium will have any credibility to speak of. My hunch is individual parishes and some pastors will get together and try to create something that might last well into the future. It's just a hunch though.