Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Scandal: Wuerl helps to honor pro-gay marriage Mayor

Well, it seems that Cardinal Wuerl will lead the invocation for the new Mayor of Washington DC at his inauguration on January 2, 2011.

Mayor Vincent Gray who is Catholic and says he attends Mass regularly (although we have not been able to determine the parish - although I know some of you out there know), supported same-sex marriages, as well as, other things which go against Church teaching.

For the Cardinal to attend and participate in this, brings scandal by helping to honor a pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage mayor.

However, you should not be shocked at this, as this is pretty typical for the Cardinal. You should recall his attendance at the SOAR Dinner honoring Cokie and Steve Roberts and his attendance at the John Sweeney farewell. Who knows what other events he has attended, since the Catholic Standard does not report on these sorts of events, nor does his PR person issue statements.

BTW, a request for a comment by Ms. Susan Gibbs, the spokesperson for the Archdiocese, was not returned.

You can read it here at the Washington comPost.

Thanks to our colleagues over at Restore DC Catholicism.

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