Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Washington comPost: Wrong and Stupid

Over the last week, we have had three articles on the Catholic Church.

First, we have the resident radical liberal Mr. Stevens-Arroyo with his: "May Your Christmas be Catholic and Gay." Although there is much wrong with this article, like many of his postings but he cannot even get the percentages of gays correct. He says that apx. 10% of Americans are gay. WRONG. It is actually more like 1% or 2%. The 10% number was debunked a number of years ago when people started asking the gay community for the research on it. The number was just made up. More sloppy journalism from the Washington comPost.

This past Sunday, the Washington comPost ran a story by Michelle Boorstein entitled: Part Prayer, part pep rally with Wuerl at basilica on Christmas.

So, I read the story and my observation is: What was the point? There is no point. It is a story about nothing. Various people go to the National Shrine for Mass. They pray. Some love the Cardinal. He talked about Jesus on Christmas. Wow! This story almost reminds me of a Sienfeld episode.

Maybe this was the Post's way of saying: Gee, we slammed you a couple of weeks ago on the "missing" priests, so let us make it up to you with this story.

Finally, we have today a story about how the "conservatives" are trying to bring back the bad old days of Latin and ceremony, from the "enlightened progressives." First, do not refer to Holy Communion as a "wafer." Second, the snide comments, such about American political fashion and what not to wear, really shows what this article is also about -- making a mountain out of a mole hill. Finally, it seems to be another way to help the anti-Catholic bigots get things off their chest.

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