Monday, January 10, 2011

The Catholic Standard..not the whole story

By now, some of you have picked up and read the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Washington DC: The Catholic Standard. (Sometimes called My Catholic Standard.)

Page 3 has an article about the inauguration of Mayor Gray. It seems that the Archdiocese is attempting a bit of a "love fest" and "propaganda campaign" with Mayor Gray.

The Standard talks about his work with Covenant House, his attendance at Mass at St. Francis Xaviar in Southeast (his parish) and St. Mary, Mother of God (attends Mass). So, we see an attempt to show everyone his Catholic bonafides.

What they did not tell you was that he voted for Same-Sex Marriage in the District. Nor did they tell you that he supports abortion.

Amazing how they forgot these two pieces of information in the article.

I wonder if Mr. Zimmerman and Ms. Weaver (the author) will issue a correction in the next edition?

I doubt it.


PS: We should be hearing shortly about the next round of school closings and mergers in the Catholic Standard.

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