Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pro-Abort/Pro-Same-Sex Marriage Politician on Catholic School Board

One of my readers alerted me to the fact that we have a pro-abortion and supporter of Same-Sex Marriage on the Board of Directors of one of our Catholic high schools.

Del. Barbara Frush (Dist. 21) is currently sitting on the Board of Directors of St. Vincent Pallotti High School. Now, the Pallotti website only lists her as "Mrs. Barbara Frush." (I wonder why?) But you can see that she lists this on her MD State Website.

She has received the endorsement of NARAL for the last couple of years and has voiced support for Same-Sex Marriage.

If she is both pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage, why is she on the board of a Catholic High School?

PS: To the reader, can you get me some more info on the other legislator. Am having a bit more difficult time on links to same-sex marriage and abortion.


Tom Hedkvist, 10-gruppen said...

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Anonymous said...

Message to Susan Gibbs: What does the Cardinal have to say about this situation? Will the Cardinal have words of praise for her? Will he embrace her as he did Mayor Gray?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Mr. Hedkvist, the multitude of spelling errors in your diatribe is just another sympton of your sloppy, childish thinking. I suppose you're trying to provoke a knee-jerk reaction from us. Au contraire! Prattle on, I say! Let the world behold the mindlessness that underlies the gay rights thinking!

Viator Catholicus said...

Susan Gibbs has sought greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

she isn't only a supporter of same-sex legislation,she has co-sponsered legislation.

pocket debris said...

she is still there,they also gave her an award for her legislative record.