Monday, January 31, 2011

Help Stop Same Sex Marriage Bill in MD (SB116)

Once again, we see MD politicians once again bring forward a bill that would recognize same sex marriage.

Our own "Catholyc" Governor is at the forefront of this. Here are the other Catholyc politicians: State Senator Robert Garagiola and State Delegates Heather Mizeur, Anne Healey, Kathleen Dumais, Pete Hammen, Joseline Pena-Melnyk, Victor Ramirez and Mary Washington.

Heather Mizeur, should be noted is not only a lesbian but a parishioner at St. Al's on I St. I wonder if the pastor has had a chat w/ her on this matter. I wonder if she receives Holy Communion.

Although writing to some of our MD legislators is a waste of time, do it.

To the Archdiocese, it is time to stop cozying up to them.

But more importantly, remember then at election time and vote them out.


UPDATE (8am):
In reviewing the list of politicians, it seems that a couple of them do live in the Archdiocese of Washington: Kathleen Dumais (she also voted against BOAST), Robert Garagiola (voted against BOAST), Anne Healey), Joseline Pena-Melnyk, and Victor Ramirez.

Okay Cardinal Wuerl, will you (or someone you designate) have a chat w/ them? And if they continue to vote against Catholic teachings, will you deny them Holy Communion? Personally, I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

As req by Catholic Standard went on MD CATH CONF to see letter they want to send legislature, but could not send such a letter myself:

"I recognize that there are many loving and committed relationships that do not fit into the traditional definition of marriage. I do not believe, however, that we should redefine marriage in order to provide these other relationships certain benefits, especially since Maryland has already passed several laws granting benefits to domestic partnerships.

Our focus as a society should be on strengthening marriage, not dismantling it altogether, especially when the harmful effects of the erosion of marriage are so apparent. I urge you to oppose SB 116, and thank you for considering my views."

After reading this letter, it is no wonder I rec'd this email from a group that is trying to DEFEAT this bill:

"Where I believe we need the MOST attention is on Catholic churches. Martin O’Malley seems to have de-fused Catholic concerns by guaranteeing that priests/ministers will not be required to perform gay marriages. What this neglects is that ALL OTHER BUSINESSES associated with the marriage industry will not be covered by this protection. Photographers, caterers, bridal shops, bakeries, marriage counselors, attorneys, etc. will all be required to provide services to homosexual couples, and will not be allowed to deny service based on their religious convictions. This cannot possibly stand up to constitutional scrutiny, as it is certainly not “equal protection of the laws,” but we have to make this argument louder and more fiercely than our opposition."

I cannot believe the MD CATH CONF letter did not even mention children. We have a nat'l security emergency w/overweight kids, but not w/AIDS, the blood supply or sexual abuse of children.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this heads up. I totally agree that the MD Cath Con wording did not measure up. It was appalling. Instead, I voiced my opposition at the website.

God Bless,