Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cardinal Wuerl on Civil Discourse

To all of my regular readers, I apologize to you that I have not been reading the Catholic Standard as closely as I should, or posting as much. Work (you know, the event that helps pay the heating, food, clothing, etc.) seems to have taken up a huge amount of my spare time. Yes, there are times when it needs to be done.

As I was eating lunch, and reading the news on line, it seems that Cardinal Wuerl was given a chance to "o-pine" on the state of civil discourse in America.

Considering the state of the Archdiocese of Washington, with dissenting priests and parishes, a Catholic school system slowly getting smaller, Catholic values under attack on all sides, the Cardinal saw fit to write an article on civil discourse.

There are many more pressing issues he could have written about but I guess, and this is my opinion, it is easier to always talk about these sorts of things than making statements about key matters of faith and morals.

Read the story here. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think from the tenor of the comments over there, the cardinal, may have to choose between speaking the truth in love or changing his mind. Don't think he'll go the way of Cardinal Fisher.

That being said, wonder where the Cardinal was when Kennedy & Biden were making "bork" a new part of the lexicon. Would like to see Wuerl & McCarrick subjected to the kind of Anita Hill grilling Justice Thomas had to endure -- these were Catholics victimized by Catholics. What about the recent grilling Bishop Tobin endured from Chris Matthews who went to Wuerl's consistory - 38 years ago abortion WAS a crime; WAS illegal -- but all that battering is okay. Just don't hit Wuerl's (or Mahoney's) pocketbook by suggesting that the rest of us shouldn't be taxed to death so that the gov't can pour our money to Catholic Social Services to (supposedly) take care of illegal aliens while (actually) paying $1 million dollar salaries and life styles for Wuerl, Mahoney, McCarrick, Keehan etc.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"Civil discourse" is the new progressive buzz term that means "conservatives and faithful Catholics" shut up so you don't hurt our poor widdle feel-bads when we wine and dine pro-aborts, disobey Canon 915, don't preach about life issues and sexual morality, allow Just Faith into our parishes, ad infitum ad nauseum!

In other words, it sure seems like the Cardinal got his talking points right.