Monday, February 7, 2011

Help Support BOAST - A Money Saver for Maryland

From the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC):

BOAST Saves Money
Issue: The General Assembly will again take up the BOAST Maryland Tax Credit this session. By enabling businesses to receive a 75% state income tax credit for their donations to scholarship institutions, BOAST (Building Opportunities for All Students and Teachers) would help:
  • increase scholarships for Catholic and other nonpublic school students;
  • increase grants for Catholic and other nonpublic school teachers; and
  • increase enrichment programs for public school students.

Scholarships created through BOAST would help low- and middle-income families stay in Catholic and other nonpublic schools, and stabilize enrollment at those schools. Did you know that Catholic schools actually SAVE the state of Maryland - and taxpayers - 713.5 million dollars EVERY YEAR? And if you include other nonpublic schools, the savings to the state and taxpayers exceeds $1.5 billion every year!

Gov. Martin O'Malley supports BOAST. Let's show our support and get our delegates to cosponsor BOAST.

Click here to write to your delegate.

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