Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Voted for Gay Marriage locally...(SB116)

These are the Maryland State Senators that we must get RID OF in the next election:

Jennie Forehand
Brian Frosh
Rob Garagiola
Edward Kasemeyer
Nancy King
Allan Killeman
Richard Madaleno
Roger Manno
Karen Montgomery
Paul Pinsky
Victor Ramirez***
Jamie Raskin
James Robey
James Rosapepe
Ronald Young



Anonymous said...

The Maryland Gay Lobby was pretty clever on this one. By making this an issue in 2011, should there be a referendum in 2012, it will be in a election in which none of Maryland State offices are up for re-election. Assuming that the referendum bid is not blocked by some ruse, Marylander's who vote against the referendum will not be able to sweep these guys out of office while they are doing it. Unfortunately, political memories are short so all will be forgotten by 2014.

It is scary that a lobby like this can push a bill through that voters have overturned each of the 31 previous times that it has been tried. So much for the voice of the people.

Anonymous said...

As a 50 year old catholic I am at a loss as to why the catholic church is opposed to civil marriage? I do not believe it reflects the teachings of Jesus.