Thursday, July 21, 2011

DOJ goes after elderly pro-lifer

A pro-life activist who has engaged in sidewalk counseling for 14 years has been taken to court by the federal Department of Justice. The complaint to the court submitted by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice alleges that Richard Retta non-violently obstructed a woman and her ‘clinic escorts’ from entering Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, an abortion facility.
The Department of Justice is demanding that Retta be fined $10,000, that a permanent 20 foot bubble zone be placed around the clinic barring pro-lifers, and that Retta pay an additional fine of $15,000 in equal parts to the three ‘victims’ of his actions, which the DoJ argues were contrary to the Freedom of Access to Clinic Act (FACE).

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Mr Flapatap said...

This is so much bull. I have known Dick for years now and I have seen him counsel at the clinics. He is very conscientious about not violating the law.(I believe he was arrested once at a peaceful demonstrations but it was not at an abortion mill, it was related to political efforts).

He preaches and practices non-violence and emphasizes the well being of the mother. They are just doing this because he has been somewhat effective in convincing women not to kill their babies.

o said...

Stop "Samaritan Grandpa" from offering women love, hope, and help - for them and their babies. That bastard - how could he! Suit his axx!

To think he leaves too, the innkeepers with money all these years to help these strangers in turmoil and fear to last until he stops by again.

Hang him high.


If you look at the photo, this is the 16th St. abortion clinic near the White House.

This is the same PP Clinic which told everyone, for many years, that the iron fence was the boundary line and you could not cross. Until some courageous Protestant minister got arrested and challenged the PP and the DC government.

We found out that PP and the DCPD were WRONG and LIED about things.

PP, the DOJ and others will stop at nothing to push their abortion agenday.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

The Messiah Most Miserable is simply licking the boots of his sugar-daddies at Planned Parenthood. After all, he's got a presidential campaign just around the corner. He is so arrogant that he doesn't disguise his loyalties.

Not only have I known Dick for years and worked alongside of him, but I am at the PP in Silver Spring. One way one and all can support Dick is to come out regularly to the mills and join us.