Friday, July 8, 2011

Justice for US Citizenship takes a step forward in MD!

Support Justice for US Citizenship


The Maryland State Board of Elections validated over 63,000 signatures to place the Repeal of the Maryland Dream Act before the CITIZENS of Maryland. There are another 40,000 to be verified.

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU!!

This week's Catholic Standard has a full page article, written by the Communications Office, on the Maryland Catholic Conference's Immigration Task Force to fight this repeal. (Thanks Melvin for getting this to me, so that I don't have to get it at Church this weekend.)

Now you can tell it is important to the Archdiocese, because it is on Page 3 -- and that is where you want important stories to be when you open a tabloid -- and written by the Communications Office because it is a "Special to the Standard".

So, let's take a look at the Standard story a bit more in depth...

  • There is little mention that these students are illegal aliens (the legal term).

  • They do not mention that will cost the taxpayers of Maryland $12,000 per student per year. With a possible cost to the taxpayers of over $60 million per year.

  • They state that these students will not take slots away from residents but they will take away slots from other citizens! What the MCC ITF is saying is that who cares if it takes away from other US citizens, as long as it does not take away from Maryland citizens.

  • The MCC states that they do not condone people breaking the law, but they they go right back to the argument that we should embrace the law breakers and give them this benefit.

  • According to Msgr. Brennan of St. Martin of Tours in Gaithersburg we must allow these students to attend at a discount. Baloney. We don't have to and should not.

  • The article states that they will getting on the phones and into parishes. Let's see if we will get sermons on this from the MCC, parish inserts, etc. Let's keep a watchful eye on this one.

It is time we tell the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) and the Archdiocese that there are more important things to focus on -- like tax breaks for Catholic school parents and stopping gay marriage.

Stop wasting your time on this nonsense and support JUSTICE for US CITIZENSHIP.

1 comment:

Frank Visk said...

It's so sad to see our church take a stand for people who break the law and not ask for justice.
In Msgr. Brennan's statement he laments about the poor treatment afforded Irish immigrants, including his ancestors.
Were they here illegally?
Probably not, so there is no legitimate comparison to opposition to the Dream Act.
My father came here legally and was shown respect. His three sons all received college (engineering)degrees - all, by the way - working our way through college!
Is it asking too much that people OBEY THE LAW and immigrate legally?
I have no respect for people who break the law, then demand tuition breaks.