Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catholic Standard Weekly Update

Let the trumpets blare and the women swoon, it is time once again for the weekly update of the Catholic Standard (July 7th edition).

I have already talked about the effort by the Archdiocese and their support of illegal immigration.

We have an article on the 60th Anniversary of the ordination of His Holiness, Pope Benedict (Ad Multos Annos!!) and how the Vatican is moving more and more into the world of social media.

We have news on the abortion and gay marriage front. We have two articles on the church in China, as well as, the Church in Romania.

Although I rarely agree with Fr. Daly, he has some interesting thoughts about some of his relatives, as he reflects on 25 years as a priest. We also have some reflection by Ricahrd Szczepanowski on his nephew, who was just commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the USMC. Thank God we have such young men and women.

Finally, as always, we have some wonderful photos of Vietnamese Catholics who honor Mary. The young women all look so beatiful in their traditional dress.


Remember, vote for the Repeal of the MD Dream Act. It is really a nightmare for you and me.


Katherine said...

How much money to do you think the Catholic Church will spend promoting the DREAM Act?


I don't know. But whatever it is Katherine, it is already too much.