Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CCHD Corruption

For the last few years, a number of bloggers have raised the cry over the fact that money collect by Catholics, have been used to support organizations that go against Catholic teaching. This was slowly and silently organized by the radical left Catholics -- who like to call themselves progressives, to hide the fact of their pro-abortion, pro-homosexual support.

Many of us want CCHD completely shut down and reorganized only as a last resort.

This year, the Archdiocese of Washington very quietly combined the communication campaign with the CCHD campaign. The Archdiocese was probably too cowardly to end the collection, so they figured they would collect something, rather than nothing.

I have documented some of the corruption of the CCHD program over the years. However, our colleague over at Restore DC Catholicism, has a number of postings on the corruption of the CCHD. Go over, and take a look at these postings.

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