Friday, October 7, 2011

Kathleen Sebelius raises money for NARAL

It seems that on Wednesday, Oct. 5th, Kathleen Sebelius (the HHS Secretary) attended and spoke at a fundraiser for NARAL in Chicago.

Not only does she do whatever she can in her position to destroy the Church's moral teachings, now she is raising money for those who oppose her.

When will any member of our clergy have the intestinal fortitude to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You can no longer present yourself for Holy Communion."

In fact, when will she be Excommunicated.


Anonymous said...

It's my understanding she HAS been advised by the bishops of both Kansas and Washington not to present herself for Holy Communnion. As for excommunication, I believe that happened automatically.

Anonymous said...

Happens automatically my rear end, it was be made definitively clear to eveveryone this women is Excommunicate, i for one will not attend another Catholic service aka mass until then i vote with my feet and go to an Orthodox Church