Thursday, October 20, 2011

True Marriage in Maryland Needs Your Help

Although I am not always a fan of the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC), sometimes they do the right thing.


Issue: You raised your voices earlier this year and stopped the redefinition of marriage in our state. And the whole country took notice. We need you to stand strong and make your voices heard again. Maryland's General Assembly is meeting this week in special session and it is time to remind legislators that Maryland's Catholics support the long-held definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

You will receive two CAN alerts from the Maryland Catholic Conference. One will target your delegates, who sent the same-sex marriage bill back to committee without taking a vote. The second alert will target your state senator, who either voted for or against the bill. Please open both alerts and make your voice heard!

Two weeks ago a statewide
poll showed an 8 percentage-point swing against same-sex marriage since January. Before the legislative session began in January and before people realized how close the General Assembly was to redefining marriage, 51% of respondents said that they would favor same-sex marriage with 44% against. Now, the numbers are flipping with 49% opposed to same-sex marriage and 48% in favor.

Marriage, recognized by societies throughout human history, originates in a simple biological fact. This unique union of one man and one woman is the only human relationship capable of creating children and nurturing them together as father and mother.

Treating heterosexual and same-sex relationships differently is not unjust discrimination, and upholding the truth of marriage does not ignore the rights or the equal dignity of all human persons. Instead, stripping marriage of its unique connection to parenthood erases a child's right to a mother and father, and ignores an essential question of why government favors marriage between one man and one woman over all other relationships.

Action: Please click here now. Urge your state senator to support traditional marriage and oppose same-sex marriage.

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