Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making a Good Confession...with Some Practice

You wouldn’t want to throw anyone in without any experience,” says Rohlfs, who has been rector of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary since 2005. “It would be like going to the emergency room and the doctor says, ‘I’ve never seen a patient.’ ”

Most seminaries offer confession training, but the one in rural Emmitsburg, Md., has an expansive program that lasts a year and culminates in a series of mock confessions.

In the next few months, the men will go from being deacons to ordained priests and return to their parishes. But for now, they take turns offering absolution to whatever character Rohlfs conjures from his imagination.

To read more about some of the training given to priests on how to conduct a good confession, read more at the Washington comPost: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/priests-in-training-confess-their-fears-before-stepping-into-the-booth/2012/04/07/gIQAdt6t1S_story.html

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Anonymous said...

I always go to confession at Saint Matthews Cathedral and the priests there are mostly from the Mount and they are wonderful. But I have had horrible experiences going to confession in my home parish (Arlington Diocese) and the priests there are all Mount Graduates. So I really doh't know what to think about the training. But one priest I know says that it must be the water in Arlington, so I will give the Mount the benefit of hte doubt